15 thoughts on ““Destruction of Forests”

          • Ending slavery was once a radical idea. Giving the vote to women was once a radical idea. And so on and so on.

            And since by its very nature going to right (conservative) means more of the same, if not trying to turn back the clock to a world that never existed, and, thus, not a source of sustainable and progressive solutions.

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            • Oh so right [left] 😉 you are. I was telling Shawn, my partner, about some of them within the past few days. She thought they had great possibilities. But would the world and the USA co-operate? A quick clue: why waste space and destroy space if places are being discarded [not used]. Relocate. Rebuild. Create a new world where we are all connected. Sort of obvious, just a touch.

              Never a conservative when it comes to progress and securing the planet into a safe mode. Ridding the planet of climate change and returning Earth to its normal way of functioning. Necessary changes. Radical – left. Eliminate the Rights power base.

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              • We do have the climate change summit coming up. So it will be interesting to see what happens there, how much the “leaders” have connected to collective conscious of those who seek a sustainable world and are willing to make the “sacrifices” necessary to make it happen.

                I put sacrifices in quotes because although the things we have to give up are usually framed as a sacrifice, if we let go our grasping and ego-needs, so much of what is perceived as a sacrifice is not really a sacrifice after all.

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              • I will look out for the Summit. A few days ago I happened to be listening to an interview with England’s Prince Charles. He was talking about Climate Change and his feeling it is the most important thing the world needs to work on. Well, the interviewer didn’t get it and asked him an assortment of ridiculous questions, preceeded by, “Well, don’t you think we should be taking care of such and such first…” He always brought her back to: “If we don’t take care of Climate Change none of the other things will matter. If we can’t breathe or create products to eat b/c we have no water or too much causing flooding, we won’t we able to sustain our lives or that of the planet.” [Now I paraphrased what the Prince said, but the point is people just don’t bloody get it. We need to stop the destruction of Earth before it will no longer be able to keep us alive. It really is as simple as that. Life is not a sacrifice, it is an essential if we want to keep on going and we want the future of life on Earth to continue. Otherwise, as I keep saying, Earth will just throw us off and start fixing itself without our help. We, as people, will just stop existing. Simple as that really.

                So the Summit better make progress and hopefully, the leaders will get the message and pass it down and people will actually want to and will do something about the whole mess of Climate Change.

                I remember when I could drink water from a brook or stream with no worries. And the air smelled so fresh. Where I live the air is mostly fresh. I am lucky. We have a sensible state but elsewhere people are not so lucky.

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  1. Those behind those “in power” are quietly pouring massive resources and scientific research into developing space travel and finding/making another habitable planet rather than managing this one in a sustainable manner. My conclusion is not too hard to guess. And I also wonder who will get to go in the spaceships while the “surplus” majority are left behind among the wreckage? Once again probably a no-brainer.

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