Weekly Writing Challenge #11

weekly writing prompt #11

(5) Words: | Rare | Sense | Moment | Taste | Reflect |


TANKA [ 5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7 ]


rare love song

Fleeting Harmony

Ah the sense of love
Moments awaken the mind
Tasting Pinot Noir
A rare love song remembered
Lips’ touch reflect forever

(c) jk 2015


6 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge #11

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  2. You old romantic you. 🙂


    I rarely take a stab at prose, but here’s an exception.


    Having followed his writing career from its beginnings I knew his public readings and signings are rare. So imagine my excitement when I heard he was coming. He read a passage from his latest and then invited questions. The quality of these varied widely, as expected; but his responses? Flabbergasted! They were uniformly lacking in moment and often even sense. That insight, that wisdom; it had all been simply projection on my part. My cherished books now not signed, binned and that bitter taste in my mouth made me reflect on the old saw: you should never meet your heroes.

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    • A wise tale to heed. It breaks your heart when you find who you thought was real was a glued together glass statue broken by time and no longer viable. We created the outer shell out of need or seeing an illusion portrayed by an unreal image.

      What a well written short fiction and lesson to be acknowledged. Broken idol crumble harder and shatter in more pieces than what we don’t love at all. This was a great fable or parable? I am not certain how you categorize it but a lesson it is for sure. – jk 🙂

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