Terror Rips

Ronovan Writes Weekly
Haiku Poetry Challenge
Weekly Haiku Challenge #71
Words: Cover & Color

#71 French Flag

#71 ribbon-black


spectrum of colors
identities covered-up
choose who you become

changing – breaking rules
hate speech alters difference
terror rips life down

© jk 2015


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #71 – Words: Cover & Color

11 thoughts on “Terror Rips

    • Thank you for your divine comment. It was a struggle writing this one. I have been overflowing with feelings. I am so drawn to Paris. The last novel I wrote, the main character and her partner spent a month in Paris just to get away. Life was getting too difficult for the protagonist. The place to go was always Paris, though having to be knocked on the plane crossing the ocean. It was great fun finding photographs and writing about being in all the most romantic of places. Most of Paris is romantic. It seems I am drawn to Paris. My latest joint effort with my partner takes place in Montmartre. Midnight In Paris is one of my favorite Woody Allen films. I love Paris. To see the people being crushed by the sounds of what the terrorists did is awful. I keep following the story. Last night I read a history of ISIS someone wrote for my newsfeed. It was quite long but oh what a tale. Everyone helped ISIS grow for all the wrong reasons. They do seem to be pulling apart at the seams, I am being optimistic. I get very obsessed about this kind of violence. It is the only way for me to work it through to the other side.

      I will make a point in checking your blog out over the weekend providing the jinx that is following me around leaves me alone for a few days. xox jk ❤


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