Blood Cold [blackout poetry]

Blood Cold - used Poe's The Tell Tale Heart

Blackout Poetry
Text used was “The Tell Tale Heart”
By Edgar Allan Poe
2nd page out of 3 pages

By Jennifer Kiley
9th October 2015

Blood cold
I finally had to kill you
I am mad

I opened the door wide enough
No light showed
I stood there quietly

I did this at midnight
Always close
So impossible to do
I had to kill the Evil

I opened the door quickly
I felt my own power
I was now sure of success

I became afraid
Darkness was thick
I could not see
I did not move

Just listening
I heard a sound of fear
With fear I knew
I could hear Death

Slowly I lifted a small light
To fall upon a vulture’s face

Only hate

© jk 2015

2 thoughts on “Blood Cold [blackout poetry]

    • I just darkened the words of the typewritten text and reread the blackout poem. It sure is creepy. The time I created it was a touch back to remember. Now I do. I could feel the fear in the room as I read the words. Imagine me omitting the words to create this. I do have the bite of Poe. He is someone I idolize. I feel we are kindred spirits.

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