Film View: “Vanity”

“Vanity” A Short Film

A girl’s preparation for a first date gets a bit… weird.

A short film written by Samantha Jayne

Directed by Arturo Perez Jr.

Libby: Samantha Jayne
Molly: Justine Herron

6 thoughts on “Film View: “Vanity”

    • It is definitely weird but strangely humorous. It must be what goes through the mind of an insecure teenager totally caught up in the illusion of their looks and feeling threatened by someone who plays on the insecurities. In this one, both turn on the inner out of control obsession with the distortion of what they think their external looks appear like to others, thereby to their own self. Get a Grip. Yeah!

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  1. I have a book I love but haven’t read for ages. World According to Garp by John Irving. Use to read J.I. books whenever a new one was published. How strange to stop reading someone. I read the complete series of Dune by Frank Herbert. Donaldson book series on Thomas Covenant. I was so absorbed I went to The Land, the place where the books took you, the reader as observer. I would go there at least. Books are magical. I wonder what was published in 1967 that has you fascinated. You will have to share the title someday.

    These are only a minor touch of the books I’ve read. I do have to take a reading break off sometime soon or I will go mad. Writing a fantasy is almost as much fun as living inside the writing of someone else’s written fantasy. It’s a race. Each brings excitement and pleasure and sometimes pain or other such things.

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    • I think I was mesmerized. I do love Harry Potter. Discworld. not so familiar with but Terry Pratchett caught me with his words and we watch Hogfather’s every Christmas. Or almost every Christmas. We watched ones we hadn’t tried out before. Old time B&W. And Alistair Sims Scrouge.

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