The Moving Glow [blackout poetry]

The Moving Glow POEM on Old Page of The Great Gatsby
From the final page of “The Great Gatsby”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Moving Glow
By Jennifer Kiley
5th October 2015

The moving glow of the moon
I became aware of her eyes
Whisper of human dreams
A transitory moment

Held the presence in contemplation
Desire to face for the last time
Something unknown
A dream so close
Could hardly fail to grasp it

Somewhere in that dark night
The future recedes before us
It eluded us — No matter
Tomorrow will stretch out farther
Beat on against the current
Ceaselessly, into the past

The End
© jk 2015

Blackout poetry
A Blackout Poem
From the Final Page of “The Great Gatsby”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

12 thoughts on “The Moving Glow [blackout poetry]

    • Thank you. It felt amazing. A friend pointed out the method of blackout poetry. I googled it and found an enormous treasure trove of examples. I intend to make this a regular word puzzle. It is a challenge. Would make a curious word prompt. I’m not sure how one would set this one up. You need original copy not photographs. Personally, I can’t tear a books pages out so I use pdf downloads and randomly choose the pages. Great free collection of classic books available.

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    • Thank you. And I think you would have fun. Recommend using free pdf downloads if you don’t want to pull pages out of great books. Some great sites online to get Classic Books. Copy/Paste onto WORD or whatever writing program you use. Rnadomly choosing a oage. Leave it up to Serendipity to receive great words in good order for finding the best poem. Recommend not reading texting while creating your poem, just scan for the words that rise up for you to see. Otherwise, use your best judgement. Enjoy the process and make it your own.

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    • It is a honing in of one’s sensitivities. When scanning for words, I recommend not to read the text while doing it. It tends to throw off one’s concentration. Basically, a distraction from creating the poem in your mind as the words rise off the page. Also, I don’t have the heart to tear apart a book. Best to find a good place online to download a pdf of any book you would like to use. Classics are the best choice. They are free downloads. So far I have pulled pages randomly and created poems from The Great Gatsby, Fahrenheit 451, and The Tell Tale Heart. Eventually, I will post those poems I feel I had some success with in the blacking out process. Let me tell you, it is a very satisfying experience. Way COOL!!!

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