Virginia Woolf’s Nine Tips on How To Read a Book [Fifth]

virginia woolf a writer's life quote over photoVirginia Woolf’s Nine Tips on How To Read a Book

“The impact of poetry is so hard and direct that for the moment there is no other sensation except that of the poem itself. What profound depths we visit then — how sudden and complete is our immersion! There is nothing here to catch hold of; nothing to stay us in our flight. … The poet is always our contemporary. Our being for the moment is centered and constricted, as in any violent shock of personal emotion. Afterwards, it is true, the sensation begins to spread in wider rings through our minds; remoter senses are reached; these begin to sound and to comment and we are aware of echoes and reflections. The intensity of poetry covers an immense range of emotion.”

3 thoughts on “Virginia Woolf’s Nine Tips on How To Read a Book [Fifth]

    • Virginia writes a beautiful reason for poetry to be deepest level a person can reach in expressing thoughts and emotions. I agree. My preference is to write poetry. The difference in the results. I do however lover to write prose, tell stories, go to a different place poetry as a rule doesn’t go. Gertrude Stein might disagree. Abstraction can be found in the telling of fiction. Look at Joyce. I just like the freedom to go anywhere in one’s imagination and to write about in in prose form and to go places, meeting people or creatures one wants to write about. But for priorities, poetry does it to me or for me.

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