Sanity in a Crazy World….

An inspirational post Shawn. Non-violence is the only viable choice. No more war. No more bombs. No more guns. Peace Now and Always. Check out what is shared on Off the Rails – Track 451. It will move you. And Joan Baez sings. (I have loved Joan Baez since I was a child.)

It also leads to an amazing experience Joan Baez has with Pro-Life Veterans of Vietnam. An exchange to know about and to engage in. Brilliant Shawn. jk

Off the Rails - Track 451

Sometimes the violence and anger swirling around us grow to the point we feel overwhelmed. Will it ever stop? Will those professing to follow the non-violence of Christ, ever read the words attributed to him? Will they truly follow?

As I’ve said here before, I am not a religious person, but I am a non-violent one. I do believe there is a better way for the human race than guns and war and hatred. That is how I try to live my small, private life.

Joan Baez, a hero of mine from way back, lives such beliefs on a far more public stage and with far more grace than I can imagine, In our troubled times, her actions, whether today or six years ago, are examples to us all. For that – and her divine music – I am forever in her debt.441899-d1cfaeb8-fea0-11e2-9cff-2014e57d9885

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3 thoughts on “Sanity in a Crazy World….

    • Yes, I love the sound of Joan Baez’s voice. Have followed since I was a teenager. Love her. Saw her in concert just before Woodstock. She was at Madison Square Garden. I was able to get a photograph from two feet away. Unfortunately, it was lost. But almost got to see her again at Woodstock a few days later but the weather and traffic was insane. A four lane parking lot on the road. Never got close enough. Had no idea it was going to be so intense. For reasons, I can’t explain, I had to leave. But I did smell the perfume of pot in the air. How Divine! Just like Joan Baez.

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