Bread and Roses…

Brilliant! Time for good people to stand up and claim their place in the world. We work for it, so I would say it belongs to us. Viva La Revolution! jk-tsk

Off the Rails - Track 451

Labor Day –

Summer winds down. The nights grow a little longer and brisker, the air fills with the sweet scent of golden rod and apple. Labor Day is upon us. Over potato salad and various grilled goodies, we take a day to commemorate the long history of labor and unions in this country. In theory.

The reality is, the powers-that-be don’t really want us to think about labor on Labor Day. They especially don’t want us to think about the great impact unions have had on the people of this nation.

Couple that with the fact that people like Scott Walker and his Koch brother overlords are trying to roll all Union progress back to the Stone Age and Labor Day is one massive disconnect in the American psyche.

Today, there are generations of young people buying into the Unions-as-boogey-men-of-the-middle-class BS spewed by the GOP. (Especially the NEA –…

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2 thoughts on “Bread and Roses…

    • “They” are dangerous. If the world ends, we know who to look to. The “They” that want the rapture and all the floating up that involves. Destructive while alive and to go they want to destroy us all. Unfortunately, they continue to eat up the media so their message doesn’t get garbled. “They” have stopped not showing the would who “They” are. It’s a Freak show of heartless brainless boobs. (And I don’t mean to take the word Breasts in vain).

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