“Playing Games”


View artists carvings
Designs of creatures dancing
Running feet chasing

Answers then questions
Perceive the races outcome
Let beginning end

Crashing heads and balls
Taking down the hero best
Satisfaction comes

Love two one child wins
Hitting tramples tender minds
Winners hug at end

Punch the sphere with fists
Palms wanting to touch the sky
High as one can fly

© jk 2015

#12 scattered minds (c) jkm 2015

#12 scattered minds (c) jkm 2015

3 thoughts on ““Playing Games”

    • I think it is the progression of games in our lives throughout human-kind. Recordings of the first games on cave walls. Then on to interviewing the winners. The thrashing of the hero, the player who threatens your win or loss of the game. Society always wants to take down the hero. One child left behind, doesn’t meet the standards, the other child is brilliant but either or both receive punishment for not achieving their parent’s dream. Never good enough, but still hugs are shared. Lastly, when you win, you are as high as high can get, flying high above into the sky. Touching the top of the world and universe.

      Games are fun but they are brutal when it comes to the outcome and what transpires in between, whether amateur or professional. Games flow over into all one does in life. It’s always a competition with failure as a huge bump along the way. More losses than wins, as a rule. Parents are the worst when it comes to giving and denying rewards and some are even harsher.

      General plan of Playing Games. It may be a bit convoluted. I like to disguise what I am saying or trying to hide as a hidden personal message.

      Also, I am certain I may have been toking while editing. 😀

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