Whitetail Deer Attacks Hunter

deer exactly revenge on hunter

Whitetail Deer Attacks Hunter

This line was written under the video:
A huge whitetail deer attacks a hunter. vicious

Well, I think the Whitetail Deer was justified in the attack.
After all, the Hunter was going to kill the Whitetail Deer.
Seems to me to be self-defense. The Deer was standing his Ground.

Case Closed. No charges filed.

deer exactly revenge on hunter

Something I read in the comment section:
A.J. wrote: “I love all the rednecks on here saying we’re hypocrites for cheering on the deer. The reason we are cheering on the deer is because most hunters don’t hunt for food, they hunt because they think it’s fun to shoot and kill something. Huge difference between the two and I love seeing the deer exact some revenge for the senseless killing.”

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