Film View: “The Heist”


A comedy in errors. A debate of the ridiculous. An enjoyable short film that will keep you smiling, laughing, and talking back with your own reaction to the three nimrods, (well, actually two). The leader tries his best to prepare his mates all toward a prosperous conclusion in “The Heist,” but doesn’t go smoothly. It is a UK group of actors who star in this fun piece of entertainment. Being an anglophile, I found they lived up to the comedies of a good Guy Richie heist but shorter. DO ENJOY! I think you will. And be sure to prepare yourself to be amused with disbelief at the idiocy of some of the conceptual ideas floating through this short film. by ‘the secret keeper’

“The Heist” by Thomas Hefferon

A comment from an interested viewer. It indeed will add important information. valuable to know. to receive a more complete understanding of the film. It lends insight to the viewing experience.

“I enjoyed “The Heist,” experiencing the humour with laughs, at the same time feeling the subtle mocking of political correctness. While they argue about whether their “homage” is racist by implying black people rob banks they completely miss the sexism involved in choosing a woman as the person who has to strip. And of course the entire film is racist as the three members of the gang are Irish and two of them are clearly not too bright. In England Irish people have frequently been parodied as being dimwitted.”