“Orpheo’s Mind”

Insula Orchestra – “Orpheo’s Mind”

Touchy about playing. If you have a problem, Click on Vimeo on the lower right corner of Video. Seems to be more co-operative. Worth the view.

Insula orchestra joins visual creative agency SUPERBIEN to make an abstract, dreamlike video work entitled Orpheo’s Mind on an excerpt from Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice, the aria “Che puro Heaven.” This air, one of the most beautiful pages of Orfeo ed Euridice, interpreted by famous against-tenor Franco Fagioli Insula and orchestra under the direction of Laurence Equilbey.

The work of Insula orchestra and SUPERBIEN gives this work a double dimension: audio and visual. The viewer is transported by the hypnotic poetry celebrating the beauty and expressing space, the passage of time and the tumult of emotions experienced by Orpheus as it passes through the underworld.

The cloud hanging in the center of this audiovisual poem embodies spiritual enlightenment and ascension of the spirit. The video projected on the cloud and the light scattered within it are worked there as materials. Light lives only through the cloud of the prism whose structure consists of two complementary materials: transparent plexiglass angular contrasting with the more opaque wispy tulle. Add to this an ambient video projection strengthening the immersion of the viewer in the spirit of Orpheus. The combination of pure aesthetics of sculpture and beauty of the aria from Gluck says the modernity of all while supporting the poetry of the musical work.

4 thoughts on ““Orpheo’s Mind”

    • I experimented & found it works in both places depending on its mood. Once I went to Vimeo & then returned to Post, it decided it would work. Thank you for noticing. I left a note under the Video for those who have the same trouble.

      It is a good piece. Love the music & the visual. Work well together. 🙂

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