The ‘A’ through ‘Z’ Writing Prompt Challenge #1 – ‘A dark and stormy night…’

The ‘A’ through ‘Z’ Writing Prompt Challenge #1
22nd June 2015

a dark and stormy night

A dark and stormy night…
By Jennifer Kiley

A dark and stormy night brought out the fear in me as I was driving alone on the quiet highway, knowing all the sane people were tucked away in the warmth of their comfortable houses. But not the homeless, they are always out there somewhere searching for some place to stay. Covering their heads is always something they nervously think of and what they want the most. Darkness is always a troubling time. Everything makes them nervous. Fearing harm might come to them in the night.

Getting out of the elements is important. Health needs to be taken care of to keep them strong enough to survive. It is difficult to know how to survive when once you had a home and it was taken from you. Jobs were also taken away. Keeping food in one’s stomach is a constant battle. Living is a hopeful dream. Meaningfulness and thinking about tomorrow is a luxury. No one understands, who has money, what it is truly like without a home. Only those who live it, know it.

People look down on anyone who lives out on the streets. Queer as it is, it is a way of life for far too many people. Reality is a jaded cardboard box in which to store what few belongings one has when homeless. Something needs to be done to resolve the problem of such a huge percentage of the population living with nothing.

Terrifying is the nightmare one feels when all alone out there. Worldly possessions no longer matter. Xanax would definitely help, if the homeless could afford the medication, but most cannot. Yesterdays kept turning into tomorrows and tomorrows of endless searching and wondering why.

Zero tolerance should be expected from the entire world population when it comes to our governments needing to abolish this disgrace that exists on a planet filled with such wealth; yet still there are people without a place to live, who have no food on the table or even a table; fearing whether they will freeze to death in the winter, or be murdered in their sleep by a thief who wants to steal the little they do possess; the homeless continue to live with their poverty, sadness and feeling all alone stuck in their hopelessness, like sinking into quicksand, feeling there is no escape.


6 thoughts on “The ‘A’ through ‘Z’ Writing Prompt Challenge #1 – ‘A dark and stormy night…’

    • I believe you saw the message I left on your blog about your submission. Let me add, it was a ‘cool’ story. The twists and turns, I love the Gothic atmosphere. The Challenge is fun. It is good to keep the writing nicely tuned up by using an exercise that limbers up the mind and the sensitivity to the use of a grand variety of words. Finding the right queue is also fun. What will trigger a writer’s imagination and set it free. Such Fun! Such Fun! jk 😀

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