“Becoming One”

“The increasing approximation of something more complex.”
“Becoming One”
“Exploring the relationship between connectivity and individuality.”

“Becoming One” by MoGrafik

“Becoming One” is CG Animation

Making-of and breakdowns available at becoming-one.net

By: Thom Haig thomhaig.com

10 thoughts on ““Becoming One”

        • After this week the number of doc appts will slow down. As for everything else, I have become involved with several projects. One is working on my new novel and learning a new writing program simultaneously. Scrivener is brilliant but extremely complicated. I have been watching a variety of tutorials on the workings of Scrivener. The main thing is that it makes working on my novel feel like play. I spent the last week casting the characters as if my book were going to be a film some day. There are over 20 characters so far. Not sure if there will be more. Will see as the story grows. Outlined 18 chapters so far and only part way through. I do know the ending in my head. It needs fleshing out but I see it developing.
          Also, I must tell you I am in a manic phase at present. So it is difficult to stick to my rituals. There is so much I want to do and need to do.

          Today, after I returned from the doc appt. I decided I needed to collapse and relax. My way is to watch films. So I am watching something about James Dean. I don’t allow myself to stop working until I crash. That is where I am at present.

          I need to find a film that peaks my interest enough to want to write a review about it. There are 3 films in contention: (“Django Unchained” “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” “sex, lies, and videostapes”)…
          Quentin, Woody and I do believe Soderbergh, but need to check. Two in our collection and one on Netflix.

          And most importantly, I love to interact with you. Writing Haiku back and forth. I’ve RIPPED the CD you sent onto my computer WMP. It is not familiar music to me but as I listen that part develops.

          Yesterday, I created a Pandora station on my ROKU for Ravi Shankar. The sitar is very relaxing and inspiring. It fits in with the novel I am working on.

          Well, I will spend time Thursday reading your blog. I am behind on reading and responding. Not my usual activity. I will check the rest of your comments for today and respond.

          Then tomorrow is another day. 🙂

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