The Black Wolf Blogger Award Sparkles Version

Ray aka Ben Naga of has kindly gifted me with the Black Wolf Blogger Award (Sparkles Version)


The Black Wolf Blogger Award

I improvised on the introduction with the following:

“This is a new award, it’s the first time I’ve seen it.
If it is representative of the wolf, which is a positive symbolism:
the wolf has sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts,
appetite for freedom, expression of strong instincts.”
Sited at

So all that remains is for me to nominate a few likely looking candidates. I know that some of those whose sites I follow do not like to accept awards so I won’t nominate them here (unless in error). Conversely, I hope I don’t omit anyone in the mistaken belief that they do not entertain awards.

bennaga (he honors me/i honor him)
retireediary (does not do awards but fantastic site)

I do hope that whoever reads this will investigate at least some of the sites listed and that you will find here some things to entertain and challenge you, just as I hope they will continue to entertain and challenge me. For which I am forever grateful.

10 thoughts on “The Black Wolf Blogger Award Sparkles Version

    • You are so deserving with the care you put into your writing and responding to your followers. 🙂

      Working hard down at this end. You know what writing, poetry, and art can do to a person. Well, I am working on the health. Thank you. Peace and Love to you Uncle Tree. 🙂

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