Take One: Top Ten Movie Witches

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Top Ten Movie Witches

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Post Friday 26th September 2014


Top Ten Movie Witches

Top Ten Movie Witches

Requirements to make this list. Any female witch whether labeled as such but a character who uses magic & sorcery is considered eligible.

10.  The Sanderson Sister “Hocus Pocus” [1993] Bette Midler [Winifred]. Kathy Najimy [Mary]. Sarah Jessica Parker [Sarah].
I Put A Spell On You and Now Your Mine. My favorite part of the film when they are singing this to the adults Halloween Celebration. Winifred [Bette Midler] puts a spell on them. Yes, to dance themselves to death. But it is a scary yet campy cultish. I love this film & watch whenever it appears on the TV, by accident usually, but just them same once it hooks me I am there for the rest of the supernatural drama of heroism on the side of both sexes of the young people kind. Two in HS & one child even younger.

9.   The White Witch “The Chronicles of Narnia” [2005] Tilda Swinton as the White Witch who brings winter to Narnia for 100 years. She is self-proclaimed Queen and turns those who are against her into stone statues. Love the books of Narnia. Hold special meaning. The White Queen is so cold and heartless. I never got a sense that her state of being was to be EVIL & ALL POWERFUL. She is like Christopher Lee in LOTRs. She wants Ultimate POWER. Nit there is always ASLAN.

8.    Mary Poppins  “Mary Poppins” [1964] Julie Andrews. The worlds best Nanny. Strong connection with nature, a positive aura and the ability to pop into park pavement pictures. Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins? I can only imagine it would be someone who has never heard of her or seen her on the screen or first in books.

7.   Nancy Downs  “The Craft” [1996][Starring ?] She’s a Gothic teen wants to bring in one more girl to join the coven she wants to form. She uses her supernatural abilities and her powers of levitation telekinesis  is nasty and evil. Some of the hallucinations she causes to others is horrible & terrifying. This is a frightening film and the closer to the end it becomes overwhelmingly EVIL & a fight to survive.

6.   Alexandra, Jane & Sukie  “The Witches of Eastwick” [1987] Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfieffer. These three witches discover their magic powers and create a coven. After being seduced by the Devil, they use voodoo to get back at him. He’s played by Jack Nicholson. My favorite scene in this film is when the witches are eating unpitted cherries. Veronica Cartwright plays this rather unbalanced human being who is being hit by the forces of Evil. When the 3 women are munching down, Veronica’s stomach is not feeling so good. What to do with the pits? That is the whole problem.

5.   Eva Ernst aka The Grand High Witch  “Witches” [1990] Angelica Huston. Their worldwide coven kill children, the hatred comes supposedly the way children smell. First they turn them into small creatures to make it easier. The witches in this are pure Evil. They want to turn children into small creatures and then kill everyone of them. It has some touching moments with a boy and his grandmother. Who knows who these witches are.

4.   Bellatrix Lestrange  “Harry Potter” Series [2001 – 2011] Helena Bonham Carter. This crazy full blown witch. She is the most loyal member of Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters. She escaped her imprisonment from Askaban. She cause horrible things to happen because of her sadistic and deadly nature. There is no excuses for Bellatrix. She is Uncontrollable Devotional Evil to Voldemort, the name one is not to say out loud. Huh!

3.   Hermione Granger  “Harry Potter” Series [2001 – 2011] Emma Watson. A Half-Blood Witch. She is powerful. She masters spells. Learns to fight. It was great to watch Emma Watson grow up as herself and as Hermione Granger. I Loved her interaction especially with Harry Potter [Daniel Radcliffe – We share the same birthdays]. I loved this whole series and of course routed for Griffendor and crew plus Hagrid. Hermione’s abilities save many a doomed situation.

2.   Maleficent  “Sleeping Beauty” [1959] The Mistress of All Evil. Powerful witch or Dark Fairy. The Darkest Evil ever. Her power is conjured from Hell. She intends to kill the Princess before her 16th birthday. She even turns her Evil into a Dragon to challenge the Prince when he comes to save his Princess. She scares me more than the real people playing out there on the screen.

1.   The Wicked Witch of the East  “The Wizard of Oz” [1939] Margaret Hamilton. The Green Skinned Menace with a shoe fetish, love for dramatic, an incapable of taking baths without water. She has a cackling voice. She enslaves flying monkeys. OMG she scared me to death. Whenever she cackled into the Crystal Ball, saying, “Auntie Em, Auntie Em” mocking Dorothy who took the prize in the end.

Honorable Mentions: (1) “Practical Magic” with Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Diane Wiest, Stockard Channing. (2) “Bell, Book and Candle” Kim Novak… (3)”Bewitched”  Nicole Kidman. [Elizabeth Montgomery – on TV]. I just like the witches in these three movies and Elizabeth Montgomery made being a witch more legitimate, though comical. At least, she never got threatened with burning at the stake. Within the present time she was living in. Though she did time trip, I believe.

I was fortunate to see all of the films mentioned above and I would recommend them all, even “The Craft.” It was a good film, but scary how evil takes away the power and rights of others. That is not Witchcraft as it really is in Reality. But we all have a right to our fantasies and perceptions as long as our prejudices do not interfere with the entertainment, and not the real aspects of the Power of Witchcraft & Magic.

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