Private Moments #80 “Depression [passing the open windows]”

private moments in paintings & poetryPrivate Moments #80 “Depression
[Passing the Open Windows]”

Poem Written by Jennifer Kiley

Post 22nd September 2014
Poem for Chapter #80 
“Lost In Time”
Painting “Out Of Order” by jkm


“For that fine madness still he did retain,
Which rightly should possess a poet’s brain.”
~Michael Drayton~ (1563-1631)

out of order by jkmccormack (c) jkm 2014

hands reaching out into rain

“Depression passing [the open windows] ”
By Madison Taylor
17th March 2009


I have forgotten the feeling
It has been silent so long
For me time’s length
Is unmeasurable
It could be a moment
One hour
One minute
A second later
I just have not been feeling it

Have passed my doorway
And returned

Too many times
Sticks around

A slip will come
Darkness will fall
Real and false
The worse
Through the mind

Favorite is to add confusion
Blocking out the heart
The emotions of the blind
The senses of the mind
They leave you to debate

Is it now?
Do I do it now?

(c) tsk/jkm – two zero one four

© jkm

candle flame flickering gif

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini – Composer Rachmaninoff – Pianist Maksim Mrvica

garden waterfall private gazebo overgrown 4pmip&p

“Creating is having the courage
to allow the seer into the private
moments of our imaginative lives.”

— jkm the secret keeper
aka Jennifer Kiley McCormack

black_shamrock_ribbon green reverse

* * * * * * *

(c) jennifer kiley 2014

Posted on Expats Post 18th August 2014

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