Still Life – A Short Film

i heart short films

Still Life

Post by Jennifer Kiley

Post Friday 1st August 2014


Still Life by Zandrak

how do we hold a moment?

is it a sight a sound a sensation…

…does it have distance you can travel on restless feet…

…how can you capture something that is meant to capture you…

…cheated ourselves out of times well lived…

…what we hope to find is ever realized…

…to hold such moments…

…only you lived them…

“Still Life” is a short film that seeks to find connection between creativity and everyday moments, set against the backdrop of New York City. It was shot guerrilla style with the Phantom Miro and Red Epic.

Interested in Behind the Scenes? Check out our blog for pictures, info, and stories about the adventure which lead to this film!

“Still Life” premiered April 27th 2014 at the NFFTY festival in Seattle.

7 thoughts on “Still Life – A Short Film

      • Sometimes I wish I was my sister; she remembers very selectively…..I on the other hand can remember almost anything good or bad……If I could weed out the bad, that would be great.


        • I agree. Out with the bad.

          I took your other longer comment & I am going to write you a colorful response thru email. I still have the email from last year. If that is wrong send me a contact us memo letting me know. Ok.

          Want to make remark special. ❤ jkm


            • cool! I will work on this weekend. I would say tonight but it will take a touch longer. I wrote a powerful chapter today & woke up feeling ill @6am today. Feeling better now. The Emergency Doc for my Doc ordered some meds for me that are working really fast. 🙂


              • I am sorry that you are feeling ill. I hope you feel better very soon. I know what you mean by very powerful posts leaving a person feeling bad. I have been working on by biography about how I came to be the way that I am, and I can only write in stages every few weeks as it dredges up stuff I wish I had been able to forget…


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