The habits of highly boring people

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The habits of highly boring people

TED Talk: Speaker Chris Sauve

Post by Jennifer Kiley

Post Thursday 31st July 2014



“Our first thought is the worse thought.” Brilliant concepts. Keep it simple. We are able to remember 5 to 9 things at a time. Ask are we doing the things we love? Or wasting the time planning on doing the things we love instead of just doing them? what do we remember? what should we remember REMEMBER USE YOUR TIME  FOR WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

The habits of highly boring people: Chris Sauve

Chris Sauve is a fourth year business student studying accounting and minoring in computer science. He has represented Carleton at case competitions. He is always looking to expedite how we do things, and make things better.

3 thoughts on “The habits of highly boring people

  1. Interesting……I already do most of those things. My mother is a huge fan of lists, and she passed that bit of wisdom down to me. If you don’t write everything down, you’ll forget something, she used to tell me. Now, I even write down two versions of the bus schedule: one that gets me to an appointment early and one where I can jut squeak in. I guess I am a boring person. Now, if I could just do amazing things 🙂

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    • I make lists. I got so extreme that I filled my laptop screen with post it notes. i would make a list of what I was going to do on any given day. I wrote down my schedule for the week. But then I have my Tablet calendar. My google calendar. In order to keep track. Most of the time I do not know what day it is. It’s really bad. I love lists if what’s on them are things I love to do. I try not to put pressure. I use to feel under pressure all the time. I have a certain notebook where I keep track of what I am posting on my blog. I also keep track of posts I create & what chapters I have worked on & what needed to be worked on. It is b/c you and I am complicated so we need out lists & note books to record what we need to remember. I have short term memory lost so bad that just tonight i opened my Tablet to look something up online. By the time my tablet was ready to use I forgot what I wanted to know. I asked by partner Shawn and she said she couldn’t remember either. It was eventually remembered by my b/c I reviewed what i remembered of what we were talking about which is rare for me to remember. It turned out I was trying to find out who won actor Oscars & who were the nominees for 1965. I wanted to know who Lee Marvin beat out for Cat Ballou. We are both trivia nuts & I must know right away when I can not remember something. If I didn’t want to slide show paintings on my laptop screen I would still be posting post it notes. But then I have been tired & needed to rest. Now I do a post when I have the energy & I spend more time writing my novel or I am painting. I will tell you that was a great idea to get into to relax.

      Thank you for stopping by. I was so delighted to see your name on my list of likes & comments. It put a huge smile on my face. I will try to find the energy to write you more soon thru email, ❤ Jennifer


      • If it weren’t for this sweet little app for my iPhone, and the ability to program in appointments on my iPod both of which remind me at 7 am what I am supposed to do that day….I would be lost. And, heaven forbid I go to the grocery store without a list. I always come home and find I have forgotten something important like sugar or coffee…Yikes!!

        I used to have a desk filled with post-its, but I found that made things worse so now I use a notebook. Much easier, less scattered (I already have manic depression and ADD; I don’t need my mind bouncing like a rubber ball), and more focused.

        I kind of got really depressed a few months ago and stopped blogging for a bit. I was writing in my journal because the things I was thinking at the time were not appropriate for my blog. I had fallen down my Rabbit Hole, and wasn’t seeing a way out. It was rough. I had my psych put me on 150 mg of Welbutrin, and that still wasn’t working so at my last appointment, he upped it to 300 mg. After about 9 days, it seems to be keeping the depression at bay. Now, if they could just do something about the mania and these darn mixed episodes I seem to be constantly in. I do not think I have missed a single episode all year 🙂


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