Tell Me A Story: The Sociology of Gossip

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The Sociology of Gossip

TED Talk: Elaine Lui

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Post Thursday 17th July 2014



This story Elaine tells us about Gossip will surprise you. It opens up a view on gossip one would not expect to hear. Gossip has been around since the beginning of cave hieroglyphics. It is a way of showing the morality of the times we are in. And a great deal more comes from Elaine Lui’s story. Be surprised. I feel all will Enjoy who Listen. Jkm  😉

The Sociology of Gossip – TED Talk: Elaine Lui

Published on Feb 5, 2013

Lainey isn’t looking to impress anyone, especially celebrities. The ETALK Reporter and scribe of the immensely popular celebrity gossip blog,, does what she does for one reason — to provide a gossip education to the Canadian public. The Toronto-born, self-proclaimed gossip maven got into the gossip game in a very roundabout way. What started as an email to two friends grew to a website with active followers from around the world. More than one million people now read every month, making it a leading international celebrity news source. Elaine’s years of experience in the media, celebrity entertainment and blogging space have helped her shape a fascinating TED talk about gossip and it’s critical place within modern pop culture.

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