“Our Machines and the Stories We Tell Them”

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Our Machines and the Stories We Tell Them

 Post by Jennifer Kiley

Post Thursday 10th July 2014



Our machines and the stories we tell them: Victor Walker TED Talk

Published on Mar 14, 2014

Victor Walker has worked in the computer application design and intelligent robotic system design industries for the past 16 years. He understands machines, but explains that they are far from being able to understand humans.

In this presentation, Victor examines the way interface systems are designed and the way instructions are given to robots and how it varies from the way humans learn about and interact with the world. In short, we develop our world view from the stories we hear, see, and experience, while robots have no context to the information that is given to them.

I wonder if and when that will occur where robots will develop the ability to think of themselves with awareness.

We are not near being able to create a sophisticated robot that goes beyond “Siri” like capabilities as seen in the film “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix.  I loved the film “Her” and wished it were possible to have a “Her” to relate to sometimes. What a fantasy.  – Jkm