“Tears” Part Three “Timeless Human”

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I would like to introduce to you J.R. Snow, a young emerging writer.
A major influence in J.R.’s writing is the magical & spiritual
interconnectedness between Dragons & people.

I am delighted to open up ‘the secret keeper’ to present J.R.’s work.
Whenever he has written something he feels he would like to share,
I will post his work here as a Guest Artist.

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“Tears” – A Short Story
In Three Parts
Timeless Human” – Part Three
Written by Guest Writer J.R. Snow
Post Sunday 6th July 2014

“Only love can reach into a human’s heart, piece it back together and make it more beautiful.”

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“Timeless Human”
by J.R. Snow

He looked at me confused. I couldn’t spit out any other phrase besides, “I am sorry.” I didn’t know what else to say because I was overwhelmed. There was so much inside him that he’s wanted to show, not just anyone, but me. He desired to share love and happiness with me but he fears rejection and heartbreak, two horrible things I never intend to give.

I saw tears begin to run down his eyes and I felt a lot of guilt and sadness. “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” He was blaming himself when there was no need to. In the moment, I lunged at him, my lips pressing against his hard and passionately. His emotions exploded. Everything began to pour out. It hurt to feel all of it, but it was a good kind of pain. He held me tight, fighting to hold me as hard as he could, and just continued to kiss me back. In that moment, I felt everything. I then realized how much he loved me and how much I truly loved him.

The whole day we stayed together, but that night, I came to him wearing a white dress, wearing nothing else underneath. He smiled widely seeing me again. Tonight was the first night of winter, and the first chill would arrive tonight. I intended to keep him warm for the whole night and beyond, for as long as the sun and moon rose and set beyond the mountains and forests.

When he held my hands this time, I held back with force, letting him know I wanted him like he did. I told him how I loved him and wished to make sure he never felt lonely again for the rest of his life. He smiled and I saw a single tear leave one of his eyes. I then wiped it away. He then said to me, “I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life.” I then began to kiss him.

He felt my warm back and held me tightly, not wanting to let go. I could feel his need for me in how tight his fingers wrapped around me. All of the passion spoke to me in the kiss. Our lips didn’t leave each other. However, I know what he truly desired. He wanted to make love to me in the most intense way possible. He wished to feel my naked body and please me. I knew whenever his hand began to lower itself towards the wet warmth beneath me, feeling me softly and lovingly. With a free hand he simply helped my dress fall, and that night, I felt all of the passion and love he had for me pour from his mouth, his hands and the rest of him. Even though he was no immortal, he was timeless to me, and soon he would be.

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