Private Moments #67 – “Screaming Out What’s Real”

private moments in paintings & poetryPrivate Moments #67
Poem “Screaming Out What’s Real”
by Jennifer Kiley
Poem for Private Writings: Chapter #67
“Twisting Inside Shouting Out Loud”
Painting “On Seuss”
by Jk McCormack
Post Monday 23rd June 2014

“For that fine madness still he did retain,
Which rightly should possess a poet’s brain.”
~Michael Drayton~ (1563-1631)

on suess by jkmccormack (c) jkm 2013

On Seuss by jkmccormack (c) jkm 2008

hands reaching out into rain

“Screaming Out What’s Real”
By Madison Taylor
16th December 2008

Releasing the danger
Of the Real
Out Loud
Everyone will listen
It all is quite distracting
But they will not hear
What is meant by Real

No one knows what is Real
It isn’t what we Feel
That makes a “Thing” Real
It isn’t what we See
That’s going to set us Free

We are owned
By the World
In which we live in
Eyes watching every move
Following our dreams
We willingly send them
Out into cyberspace
Without regret

After all
What possibly can happen
If “They” know
What “They” think
“They” know
None of it is Real
It’s a metamorphosis of Time
Playing It’s game of Illusions

We are Chess Pieces
Closing in on Check Mate
When the Game is Over
It ALL Starts Again

What Is Your Next Move?
If You Would Like To Begin Again

Endings into Beginnings
Endlessly…infinity symbol small

© madison taylor 2008

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Ilse de Lange – I Still Cry

question everything gif lightning gif julie-andrew AofM emily laughing on grow rolling meditating on rock overlooking flowing river gif feet walking through moving waves gifa story is told through motion in reality ❤ jkm

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“Doorway to a Place of Enchantment”

“Creating is having the courage
to allow the seer into the private
moments of our imaginative lives.”

— Jkm the secret keeper
aka Jennifer Kiley McCormack

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