“Tears” Part One “The Mortal” – A Short Story

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I would like to introduce to you J.R. Snow, a young emerging writer.
A major influence in J.R.’s writing is the magical & spiritual
interconnectedness between Dragons & people.

I am delighted to open up ‘the secret keeper’ to present J.R.’s work.
Whenever he has written something he feels he would like to share,
I will post his work here as a Guest Artist.

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Tears” – A Short Story
In Three Parts
The Mortal” – Part One
Written by Guest Writer J.R. Snow
Post Sunday 22nd June 2014

“Only love can reach into a human’s heart, piece it back together and make it more beautiful.”

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“The Mortal”
by J.R. Snow

I have lived for so many years. So many centuries have I watched as mortal creatures wither and die, their soul passing from this world. Some come back but some go elsewhere, to another world, another realm where their desires and questions rest. I have lived many mortal lives, for I am timeless, a being of infinite life. Through all of these years I have felt so many different kinds of pain, happiness, anger, sadness and love. However, despite all of my knowledge and wisdom, loneliness always reaches for me.

Out of all my years of living, learning, observing, I see that mortals are capable of so much. It saddens me to see that they are finite, for they are capable of so much, yet their deepest darkness holds them back from greatness. But they are capable of wisdom and knowledge like us, and despite their counted days, they are also capable of love that outlasts even their lifetime.

Not all of us see what I see in them. Some see them as “lesser” life forms, a parasite, a sickness, something that should not exist. It is sad that not all can see it, for they hold a beauty and kindness that we have ourselves, and that is the ability to create something that lasts forever, rather it be love or knowledge. And they can do it without needing all of the time the universe offers.

However, this story is not about them, but it is about one. One I know. One I have watched. One I admire greatly. I have seen him grow from a child to a young man. While I am not human like him, I could become one if I desired. He finds me fascinating and beautiful, for he tells me with a smile on his face and shyness in his voice. While I have seen so many mortal men who are ruthless, crude or vile, he was anything but. Despite his youth, deep down I still see that innocent child who desires nothing but to be happy.

I remember the day when he came to me in tears. He was seventeen. In my human form, I wrapped my arms around him and said, “What is wrong hun?” Such a word brings him comfort.

He responded with, “I’ve been alone for so long. I have no friends to bond with and no woman who feels affection for me. I have never felt so alone in my life.” Such words tore me apart. Hearing him cry was painful, for I desired nothing but happiness for him, and seeing tears come from his eyes only made me feel like I had failed to bring it to him.

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