Haunting Visions: Jeanne D’Arc – Cathedrale de Lumiere

haunting visions
Jeanne D’Arc – Cathedrale de Lumiere

Post by Jennifer Kiley

Post Wednesday 18th June 2014


The following video left me speechless & in awe of the vision that was presented. It is paying homage & a tribute to Jeanne D’Arc. You will see evidence in the images of the trials Jeanne [Joan of Arc] was put through for helping the French crown win battles. She was condemned for being a witch & she would not denounce her visions or voices as coming from above. The church & the crown turned on her & burnt her at the stake. A young woman, innocent, just trying to serve her country & King. She was betrayed & suffered a miserable & terrifying end. Keep this in mind as you watch the artistic uniqueness expressed in this Tribute.   Jennifer

“Jeanne(s)”, Cathédrale de lumière, Rouen 2013

Video mapping onto the façade of the Rouen Cathedral in Normandy, France. The projection revisits the myth of Joan of Arc history.

It took place From 1 June to 29 September 2013, as part of Cathedral of light and Normandy Impressionist Festival. Mind blowing artistry. Never have I seen anything as Unique & Beautiful.

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