“The Guy Who Painted This Was A Loser” – A Short Film

i heart short films
The Guy Who Painted This Was A Loser”
A Short Film

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Post on Friday 13th June 2014

Friday the 13th was not a good day
for the Knights Templar but otherwise

the 13th & Friday are fine together.

the video essay on creativity find out who they are calling the loser you will be surprised but then with talent & genius mixed it is a volatile combination anything can change the course of creativity it needs nurturing & care time & more time to grow before it is ready to be gently plucked from the air & revealed to the world

here, i give you “the guy who painted this was a loser

The Guy Who Painted This Was A Loser

Part one of the series: A Video Essay on Creativity

Part Two was posted a short time ago under the title “The Missing Chapter”

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