creative musings [dragon]“Until”
Song by James Conlee
Post Saturday 10th May 2014

Romance is not over. Wanting someone to be who you feel you are in love with – where is it written love stops at someone elses definition. for me love is a joining of souls. once they really commune. the connection is forever. i want love & honesty – not made up words into phrases to mimic what the other feels is real. you are suppose to be real. but fantasy is all i feel from you.

pretend but not in a good & honest exchange. you spoil it for those who try their hardest to trust & keep believing the truth is being spoken this time. the truth has arrived. it is here. love is love again.

— jkm the secret keeper


“Love is something more stern and splendid than mere kindness.”

Until – James Conlee

by James Conlee

In the sun
Beyond the shadows
That you cast
I’ll keep my safe distance
And all I’m bound to say is the past
You will hear
In the night
Beyond the light that filters through
I’ll keep my safe distance
And though I long to hold you
I’ll be here

In my dreams beyond the day
You said to me
To keep my safe distance
I haven’t moved
I haven’t
Had the strength to leave
But in these rooms
With time standing still
Where the walls and where the laughter
They wonder if you will return
Our lives stay just as they seem
But are you where you’re wanted
And are we free

Oh not till your sky has flown
And all of your secrets known
After your walls are turned aside
I will be here alone
After your so mysterious
And all other words fulfilled
All that I’m left with
Is I loved you
And I will love you until
Until the oceans burn with fire
Till they carried you tonight
See I loved you
And I will love you
Until the rivers turn to stone
Til you return you I will be alone
But I will love
Love you until

flames-fire & water-yin-yang-ying-yang-black-background-duality

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

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