“What Does the Future Hold?”

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“What Does the Future Hold?”
TED Talk Speaker: Sarah Jones
One Woman with Characters in Double Digits
Post Created by Jennifer Kiley
Post Thursday 8th May 2014

A Extremely funny & original Comedy Set Up using 11 Characters she takes on & becomes them herself.

Watched this on ROKU Saturday Night. Loved the performance so much I want to bump something from Thursday to replace with this VIDEO. It is an exceptional performance, worthy of anyone who appreciates intelligent, relevant & witty humor. She takes questions from the TED Audience without previous knowledge or preparation. Her characters surface & each one in turn transforms themselves on Center Stage. It’s new but I can’t help but feel nostalgic & encouraged to see a talent with the awakened blossom & essence of Whoopi Goldberg when I first caught her on HBO.

Take the time, I implore you. You will not regret watching Sarah Jones transform into totally dissimilar characters. I felt like I had discovered a treasure & I wanted to share the pleasure to create laughter. Trust me watching Sarah Jones will make you feel good.


Sarah Jones: “What Does the Future Hold?

Stats: 21m 01s – Filmed Mar 2014 · Posted May 2014 by TED2014

Sarah Jones changes personas with the simplest of wardrobe swaps. In a laugh-out-loud performance, she invites 11 “friends” from the future on stage—from a fast-talking Latina to an outspoken police officer—to ask them the questions all of us want answered.

Tony Award-winning monologist, UNICEF ambassador, firebrand and FCC-fighting poet — Sarah Jones assumes as many roles offstage as on.

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