Top Ten Forbidden Romances In Films

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Top Ten Forbidden Romances In Films
Written by Jennifer Kiley
Created on 18th February 2014
Posted on Friday 28th February 2014



Top Ten Forbidden Romances

10. Jay & Daisy “The Great Gatsby” {2013} [HAVE SEEN once but only the beginning] !!!!! out of 5 Starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan. Adapted for the screen & Directed by Baz Lehrman superbly from the F.Scott Fitzgerald Novel “The Great Gatsby” written in the 20s of the 20th Century. It shows the self-made man. The modern Heathcliff returning with wealth to regain the hand of the woman that he loves. The film is narrated by his new neighbor Nick, cousin to the woman Jay Gatsby is in love with, the lovely Daisy. The film does not have the typical film ending for Americans but it comes straight out of the book. Recommend this version of “The Great Gatsby” for what is below the surface of its supreme flair & flaunting of excessive frivolity but there still is Robert Redford & Mia Farrow’s version, which come close.

9. Harold & Maude “Harold & Maude” {1971} [HAVE SEEN many times] !!!!! out of 5 Starring Ruth Gordon & Bud Cort. Case of a quirky young man who loves to attend funerals & gives his mother the appearance of being dead & once a first time viewer I wasn’t at all sure. Harold meets Maude at a funeral and they start an adventure of following the most unusual story of youth and age falling in love. Beautiful story. Very much worth watching.

8. Dave & Jade “Endless Love” {2013} [NOT SEEN] [??? on ! HNI] Have no clue. After reading up, it is a story of wealthy girl’s parents not liking their daughter to involve herself with someone not within her required dating class. Just released 2014 on Valentine’s Day. Looks like something for Young People but I think it has the potential of being something all ages starting at the mature teenager, would want to check out. Joely Richardson plays her mom and Bruce Greenwood plays her father. They come across in the Trailer as being overly restrictive or protective for good reasons. Only way to find out how this story develops is to see this possibly intersting film.

7. Flipper & Angie “Jungle Fever” {1991} [?NOT SURE -Spike Lee Film][??? on ! HNC] Starring Wesley Snipes & Anna Sciorra. On the grounds that is Spike Lee and he has made remarkable films. This might be a film I will be checking out. You might want to think about doing the same. Does the film “Do the Right Thing” ring a bell. Brilliant. My favorite Spike Lee film.

6. Jack & Karen “Out of Sight” {1998}[HAVE SEEN] !!!! out of 5 Starry George Cooney & Jennifer Lopez & a long list of amazing actors. I, especially found Steve Zahn extremely funny. This to me was more a comedy then a U.S. Marshall tracking a particular thief and discovery zanny crooks all about the place. My recollection of this film is laughing. Jennifer L. is the Law and G. Clooney is the Criminal element. Expect to enjoy and laugh when you watch this film. I do remember I did.

5. Baby & Johnny “Dirty Dancing” {1987} [HAVE SEEN-so many times & will see again.] !!!!! our of 5 [Miss Patrick] Starring Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey. The coolest film ever. Music takes you to every time zone. If you can go to the 50s and zone out. What a romantic and sensual film. Love the interaction with family, with the class structure of who are guests and who are employees [NOT TO MIX so UnFair]. Baby finds her way to the best places. Learns Dancing the most intimate way possible. Most entertaining film for any age. [Might want to distract the young kids if using bodies to really dance disturbs you. NOT I. It is so entertaining. The undercurrents of attraction are sizzling. The care for Baby’s new friends is touching. Her father is not so pleased. Not sure if it is b/c of age or the uncertainty, in the father’s mind, just how upright is this older young man being with his daughter. A father’s question, “What does he want from my daughter?” Watch the film to see the answer and so much more than you can imagine.

4. Jack & Innis “Brokeback Mountain” {2005} [HAVE SEEN multiple times] !!!!! of 5 Starring Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger. I will first say, I miss Heath. Began watching him in TV show ROAR!!!. A kid whose character was way back in time. To this film and beyond. Every film. Every opportunity to see him act. “Brokeback Mountain” is brilliant. One cannot see more powerful performances then these two extremely great actors gave of themselves to themselves as Jack & Innis. Watching two men fall in love. Watching two women fall in love. Watching two people fall in love, man and woman. All of Love is Beautiful. To share the joy with another is what makes Love Special. Love is the most powerful emotions in the Universe and Beyond. If we each find our Other World Experience to be what we expect and want it to be, that is Love. Who wouldn’t wish for Love. The Soul’s gift to the natural elements of the Universe. A High Like No Other. Pure Love. Desiring the contact & union of feelings with another. We are talking the ethereal contact which on a HIGH of Higher Proportions than anything else in & out of existence. If you want the experience of seeing Love learned & expressed by two for the other, having it be a mutual feeling between them. Love when it is agreed upon & accepted freely by another, it takes on even a greater HIGH than any other energy force in the Universe. It will carry your spirit to Heights one can only imagine. Love this movie. Love the controversy. It meant Love mattered and those who understand Love fought for this story to be told. And it found acceptance from the enlightened ones who understand Love belongs to everyone. To be given in a respectful way. And on one’s own terms, it will be understood. I’d say, I Highly recommend the film “Brokeback Mountain. Ang Lee did a brilliant job as the Director.

3. Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy “Pride and Prejudice” {2005} [MAY HAVE – seen #s of versions] Keira Knightly & Matthew Macfayden[MI-5][?! HNC] Sparks fly when spirited Elizabeth Bennett meets single, rich, and proud Mr. Darcy. But Mr. Darcy reluctantly finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class. Can each overcome their own pride and prejudice?[descrition taken from]

2. Will & Viola “Shakespeare in Love” {1998} [HAVE SEEN many time] !!!!! of 5 Starry Gwenyth Paltrow[Best Actress Oscar 4SIL] & Joseph Fiennes. William Shakespeare. A film revolving around his younger life and creating his masterpiece play “Romeo & Juliet.” It is romantic. Judi Dench makes an occasionally appearance as Elizabeth I, Queen of England. [For her short time on screen she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar] Gwenyth’s character manages to get herself cast a male actor playing the role of Romeo and William winning her love away from Colin Firth who plays the Royalty the Queen has set to marry Gwyneth’s character by the end of the film. It is a play of intrigue and error. Fun to see the Bard, Our Man Shakespeare, having a runabout with all sorts of problems to get his play produced. To find a theatre to show it in. The critics and moralists are against him & try to foil all his plans through an Edict. Highly Recommend. A Great Romp. And Judi Dench. 🙂

1. Noah & Allie “The Notebook” {2004}[HAVE SEEN awhile back] !!!!! of 5 Starring Ryan Gosling & Rachel Adams in Past – James Garner & Gena Rowlands in Present. It is the story of love from the beginning-the middle-and The End. They were separated from the beginning by social class restrictions. In the end by the same thing, Identity, but in this a lessening of knowing who one is. An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride. Lots of Rainy moments.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Forbidden Romances In Films

  1. So many classic films were built around ‘forbidden love.’ I would have included Cay and Vivian in “Desert Hearts,” Maurice and Alec in “Maurice,” Angela and George in “A Place in the Sun,” and Cathy and Heathcliff in “Wuthering Heights,” to name but a few.


    • Excellent additions. It would be fun to make our own video of our thoughts on a collection of films based around “Forbidden Love.” What about “Lady Chatterley’s Lover?” That was my first book regarding forbidden love. The film version with Joely Richardson was quite intriguing. It’s an extensive topic within a vast number of films. I will give this some thought. This is a TBC type of film subject matter. Will try to produce more on this at a later time. I agree with you on all the films you mentioned. They are great and perfect examples of what “Forbidden Love” is all about. You have everything from Gay Love to murder, technically b/c the thought was in his mind, to obsession. Obsessive Love can be the most intense form of Love & often the most dangerous. Thank you, Shawn for your comment & the thoughts you triggered in my mind. 🙂 Jk


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