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Film Review by Roger Ebert
Commentary by Jennifer Kiley
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5 stars

The video just below, is an interpretation of Rushmore, adapted by Matt Zoller in the book THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION. It is Rushmore in an artistically innovatively presentation. Watching this video gave me the desire to want to rewatch Rushmore.

I am a fan of Jason Schwartzman. He was in the film I Heart Huckabees, [LOVED IT!!!] & he did a show for HBO, Bored To Death [LOVED IT!!!], which I watched faithfully. His role of Jonathan was that of a writer who was also a detective. His best friend, played by Zach Galifianakis [HANGOVER +++][LMAO] was a creator of comic books & Jonathan’s other friend, played by Ted Danson, was wealthy. They were always stoned & out on cases, getting into all sorts of trouble. It was short lived but if you can find it streaming somewhere. I highly recommend you sit down & watch it non-stop, while having the munchies & lots to satisfy the need. Jason Schwartzman is an acquired taste, and I like his flavor.

Watch the Vimeo video for Rushmore, then read Roger Ebert’s film review. Find Rushmore and watch it. That is what I am going to do again right now, after I put this post to bed.

It is available on HBO GO through Roku to watch on your TV, if your cable company allows it. If you have Comcast, it doesn’t, so don’t bother looking. Check if you have another Cable Company. If your CC does not authorize this & you still have a subscription to HBO through your cable company you can watch it on your Laptop or devices like a Tablet or Smartphone. As long as you are hooked into your cable company & you have HBO. Now, I have a HDMI cable I hook from my laptop to my HDTV-PC Ready & that enables me to watch it on the TV. So that is that I am going to do.

Enjoy this video & review first. I feel it will expand your enjoyment of Rushmore tenfold.   by Jennifer Kiley

Adapted from the book THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION by Matt Zoller

by Roger Ebert
February 5, 1999

Max Fischer, the hero of Rushmore, is an activity jock, one of those kids too bright and restless to color inside the lines. Although he’s a lousy student, that doesn’t stop him from organizing a movement to keep Latin on the curriculum of his exclusive prep school. His grades are so bad, he’s on “sudden death probation,” but in his spare time, he edits the school magazine and runs the fencing club, the beekeeping club, the karate team, the French club and the Max Fischer Players. With his bushy eyebrows and black horn-rims, he looks a little like a young Benjamin Braddock from The Graduate.

Rushmore max & his lady

Max, played by Jason Schwartzman, has a secret. He’s in the exclusive Rushmore Academy on a scholarship; his dad is a barber. Always dressed in a tie and snappy blazer (unless in costume for one of his activities), he speaks with an unnerving maturity and is barely able to conceal his feelings of superiority for the headmaster (Brian Cox) and other adults, who enforce their stuffy rules because they are not, and never were, able to work without a net the way Max can.

rushmore-1998 the woman teacher he loved

Then Max encounters a problem even he cannot outflank. Reading a book in the school library, he finds a quote by Jacques Cousteau written in the margin. The book was recently checked out, he discovers, by Miss Cross (Olivia Williams), a first-grade teacher at Rushmore. She is, he finds, incredibly beautiful, and he falls instantly in love, devising a scheme to attract her attention by running a campaign for a school aquarium. Among the potential donors is a steel tycoon named Blume (Bill Murray). Murray has kids in Rushmore, but hates them. Soon he, too, is in love with Miss Cross.

rushmore olivia williams

Up until this point, even a little further, Rushmore has a kind of effortless grace. Max Fischer emerges as not just a brainy comic character, but as a kid who could do anything, if he weren’t always trying to do everything. It’s ingenious the way he uses his political and organizing abilities to get his way with people, how he enlists a younger student (Mason Gamble) as his gofer, how he reasons patiently with the headmaster and thinks he can talk Miss Cross into being his girlfriend. (“Max, has it ever occurred to you that you’re far too young for me?”)

rushmore movie everybody should see

Blume is played by Murray with the right note to counter Max’s strategies. He is, essentially, a kid himself–immature, vindictive, lovestruck, self-centered, physically awkward, but with years more experience in getting his way. (Still, he winds up hiding from life at the bottom of a swimming pool, just like Benjamin in “The Graduate.”) The movie turns into a strategic duel between Max and Blume…

rushmore max with olivia

Rushmore was directed by Wes Anderson and written by Anderson and his college friend Owen Wilson. It’s their second film, after the slight but engaging Bottle Rocket (1996). The legend of that film is well known, and suggests that Anderson and Wilson may have a little of Max Fischer in their own personalities–the film may have elements of self-portraiture.

rushmore max with brian cox headmaster

They were friends at the University of Texas who made a short film, pitched it to screenwriter L.M. “Kit” Carson, got his encouragement, took it to the Sundance Film Festival and cornered director James L. Brooks (As Good As It Gets), who liked it enough to help them get financing for a feature from Columbia Pictures. I am writing this review at Sundance, where I have met a lot of kids trying to pitch their sort of films and get production deals, and having a good film is not enough: You also need the relentless chutzpah of a Max Fischer.

Rushmore max schwartzman &  bill murray

Bill Murray has a way of turning up in perfect smaller roles; he stars in his own films, but since Tootsie, he has made supporting roles into a sort of parallel career. His Blume admires and hates Max for the same reason: because he is reminded of himself. There are times where Blume looks at Max with a combination of hatred and admiration; he’s frustrated in his desire to win Miss Cross for himself, but from an objective viewpoint can’t resist admiring his strategy.

Rushmore max played by jason schwartzman

Anderson and Wilson are good offbeat filmmakers. They fill the corners of their story with nice touches, like the details of Max’s wildly overambitious stage production of Serpico. But their film seems torn between conflicting possibilities: It’s structured like a comedy, but there are undertones of darker themes, and I almost wish they’d allowed the plot to lead them into those shadows. The Max Fischer they give us is going to grow up into Benjamin Braddock. But there is an unrealized Max who would have become Charles Foster Kane.

Rushmore (1999)
Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer
Bill Murray as Mr. Blume
Olivia Williams as Miss Cross
Brian Cox as Dr. Guggenheim
Seymour Cassel as Bert Fischer
Mason Gamble as Dirk Calloway

Written by
Wes Anderson
Owen Wilson

Comedy, Drama, Indie
Rated R For Language and Brief Nudity
93 minutes

Rushmore — [1998] HQ

rushmore on cast iron fence crop

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