Fav Top Ten Film #1: The Sound of Music


Fav Top Ten Film #1: The Sound of Music
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Review Written by Jennifer Kiley
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dedicated to roger ebert film friday

5 stars

“The Sound of Music” is my favorite movie of all time. It has major sentimental meaning to me. Rather then my reviewing it. I would like to share the images and video tapes from the film. The photos are in order as they appear in the film. I believe in my extensive search, I found almost all the shots I could find, which fit almost every scene in the movie with a few exceptions. Don’t want to give it all away for those who haven’t seen it.

I do recommend if you are planning on renting or streaming “The Sound of Music” you may want to reconsider viewing this post until later but then, the images are so delightful, you may not want to put it off. I do realize a great many people have seen this film and are just as invested in it as I am. It is great for everyone. I am an avid Julie Andrews fan and will never get enough of her film roles and her singing. I find when she is singing for a role her voice lent a certain depth to it.

I plan on using some assorted dialogue and descriptions of what is occurring. I worked on putting this together in reverse. With all the shots and videos collected, I placed the last photos first and fit in the videos where I felt they best fit. As I said, this is my favorite film of all time so I do know it frontwards and backwards. And I am testing myself by writing this review from the memory of all the times I viewed it. Let’s see how accurate I can get. After I am finished, I will then watch the film and see how I did.

That means I am pulling out all the dialogue from inside my head and testing my memory from the plus 100 times I have seen this film. You would think I would be bored from seeing something that many times. Absolutely not. This film was the savior of my childhood. It was one of my escapes. I went to everything theatre I could find where it was showing. When I was a kid films stayed forever in one place. It grossed more money in its day in ticket sales and if compared to todays prices I believe it is second or third place in sales for all times. Keep in mind, there weren’t as many people born back in 1964. It just kept drawing people into the theatres. I saw it in my home state and I saw it in New York City.

Once it hit television, I watched it every year, until the VCR and Video Tapes. It probably was the first film I purchased on Video and on DVD. I have purchased different versions of it as the technology has improved. Next is to, hopefully, receive a present of it in Blu-Ray over the Holidays or as an unholiday, unbirthday present. We’ll see. Hint! Hint! Hint!

So lets begin the tale as the opening of the film is the cameras sweeping over the mountains of Austria, into the valleys, hearing birds and wind, until we come on the scene where Maria, our heroine, is dancing and singing on the hilltops, twirling about so carelessly. She is a postulate at the Abby near by and not terribly successful at it.

the_sound_of_music_1st sight of maria on mtn

In this scene, Julie keeps getting flattened by the helicopters, so Robert Wise, the director, has to do take after take. Julie loves sharing this story in many of her interviews.

The Sound of Music

Review by Jennifer Kiley

the sound of music problem like maria nuns rev only

the sound of music rev mother & sister nun played by anna lee

“How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” A great song. It describes Maria to a perfect degree as you will see in the animated image of her arrival back to the Abby after singing in the hills.

The-Sound-of-Music-gif-julie-andrews-in abbey after getting back from mtn top

Maria & Reverend Mother visit privately in the Reverend Mother’s private office.

Maria: Which brings me to another transgression Reverend Mother. I was singing out there today without permission.

Reverend Mother: Maria, it is only here in the Abbey that we have rules about postulate singing.

Maria: I can’t seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what’s worse, I can’t keep to stop saying things . . . everything and anything I think and feel.

Reverend Mother: Some people would call that honesty.

Maria: Oh, but it’s terrible Reverend Mother. You know how Sister Berthe always makes me kiss the floor after we’ve had a disagreement? Well, lately I’ve taken to kissing the floor when I see her coming . . . just to save time.

Outside the Abby, Maria looks around as she leaves.

Maria: Where God closes a door, somewhere else he opens a window.

the sound of music on way to von trapp home

On the way to the von Trapp home, Maria sings the song “I Have Confidence,” the build up her courage. After all, she is about to face a daunting fate. A governess for seven children and ones who don’t like governesses.

the sound-of-music maria leaning on stone wall i have confidence

the_sound_of_music_at closed gate i have confidence

the sound of music maria i have confidence ready to charge mansion

the soundofmusic 1st meeting 4 all

thesoundofmusic kids lined up 4 whistle lessons for maria

After the Captain uses his whistle to show Maria what their individual whistle call sounds like, he proceeds to show Maria her whistle sound.

Captain: Now, when I want you, this is what you will hear.

[blows whistle]

Maria: Oh, no, sir. I’m sorry, sir. I could never answer to a whistle. Whistles are for dogs and cats and other animals, but not for children and definitely not for me. It would be too… humiliating.

Captain von Trapp: Fraulein, were you this much trouble at the Abbey?

Maria: Oh, much more, sir.

Captain von Trapp: Hmm.

[starts walking away. Maria blows her whistle & he turns around]

Maria: Excuse me, sir. I don’t know your signal

Maria: Whistles are for dogs and cats but not for children and especially not for me.

the_sound_of_music_maria meeting the children after captain leaves

Maria asks the children to once again tell her their names and something about themselves. Louisa tries to trick her but she is way to smart. She re-identifies Brigitta and Louisa.

Brigitta: You’re smart. My names Brigitta and I think that is the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen.

The children debate the question but mischief is afoot. Maria makes a huge mistake.

Maria: I’ve never been a governess before. You’ll have to teach me.

The children proceed to tell her all the wrong things to do. She is just a governess and they don’t want one. SO they treat Maria equally as bad as the other governesses.

the sound of music finding the frog in pocket on stairs

Maria: Poor children.

In less than a moment she is throwing into the air as gently as possible a frog she found in her pocket.

Frau Schmidt: With the last governess it was [snakes or spiders].

the sound of music at dinner 2st night maria thanking kids 4 there lovely welcome earlier

After Fraulein Maria sits down in her second attempt, she speaks.

Maria: I’d like to thank you all for the precious gift you left in my pocket today.

Captain: What gift?

Maria: It’s meant to be a secret between the children and me.

Captain: Then I suggest you keep it, and let us eat.

Maria: Knowing how nervous I must have been, a stranger in a new household, knowing how important it was for me to feel accepted, it was so kind and thoughtful of you to make my first moments here so warm and happy and pleasant.

A bit of weeping breaks out amongst the children.

som dinnerscene captain

Captain von Trapp: Fraulein, is it to be at every meal, or merely at dinnertime, that you intend on leading us all through this rare and wonderful new world of… indigestion?

Maria: Oh, there just happy Captain. [The children break out into a full out cry, feeling badly about the tricks they have played on her.] When she was just trying to get them to like her.

the sound of music rolf & liesl in gazebo

A secret rendezvous in the gazebo between Liesl and Rolf. He delivers telegrams at certain times in hopes of seeing her.

the sound of music maria in bed w two youngest waiting 4 older kids

A thunderstorm has struck and the sound of thunder is scary for all the kids. Maria sings a song about “My Favorite Things” to try and comfort them.

the sound of music maria thinking of her fav things w kids on bed leaning in

the sound-of-music-my fav things on bed thunderstorm

Captain enters Maria’s bedroom to find out what is making all the racket.

som maria bedroom captain thunderstorm

Captain: Fraulein Maria, did I or did I not say that bedtime is to be strictly observed in this household?

Maria: Yes, well the children were scared of the thunderstorm and… You did, sir.

Captain: And do you or do you not have trouble following these simple instructions?

Maria: Only during thunderstorms, sir.

The Captain reminds her he is leaving in the morning to visit the Baroness. Maria asks him for some material to make play clothes for the children. His answer was a no, they have their uniforms. But we all can sense how resourceful Maria will be.

The Sound of Music  Julie Andrews on mtn eating b4 do re mi

the sound of music maria w friedrich & guitar standing preparing to teach them singing

the SoundofMusic maria w children on mtn teaching them how to sing

the_sound_of_music_film_do_re_mi riding bikes

Maria, while they are on outing, begins to teach the children how to sing. Another one of the many things that have been neglected to bring joy into their lives.

the SoundOfMusic maria hitting high note at end of do re mi

the sound of music kids in trees cant see captain baroness max driving to mansion

the sound of music kurt heil to captain after getting nervous wanting to see liesel

Rolfe gets nervous when he is caught throwing stones at Liesl’s window. The Captain reprimands him after he raises his arm in a Nazi salute of Heil. The Captain grabs the telegram. All is hell is about to be breaking loose in Austria. The Captain’s home. He yells at Max for his careless comment about not caring. His mind starts to drift off into the prospect of his Austria disappearing. Suddenly the sound of laughter and singing coming from the water just across the lawn from where they are on the patio.

the sound of music all getting out of the water to meet the baroness

the sound of music kids dripping wet after maria & all tip boat over


Maria: Children can’t do all the things they’re supposed to if they have to worry about spoiling their precious clothes.

Captain: They haven’t complained yet.

Maria: Well, they wouldn’t dare! They love you too much. They *fear* you too much!

Captain: I don’t wish you to discuss my children in this manner.

Maria: Well, you’ve got to hear from someone! You’re never home long enough to know them.

Captain: I said I don’t want to hear anymore from you about my children!

Maria: I know you don’t, but you’ve got to! Now, take Liesl.

Captain: [hesitatingly] You will not say one word about Liesl, Fraulein.

Maria: She’s not a child anymore, and one of these days, you’re going to wake up and find that she’s a woman. You won’t even know her. And Friedrich, he’s a boy, but he wants to be a man and there’s no one to show him how.

Captain: Don’t you dare tell me about my son.

Maria: Brigitta could tell you about him if you let her get close to you. She notices everything.

Captain: Fraulein…

Maria: And Kurt pretends he’s tough not to show how hurt he is when you brush him aside,

Captain: That will do!

Maria: the way you do all of them. Louisa I don’t even know about yet,

Captain: I said that will do!

Maria: but somebody has to find out about her, and the little ones just want to be loved. Oh, please, Captain, love them! Love them all!

Captain: I don’t care to hear anything further from you about my children.

Maria: I am not finished yet!

Captain: Oh, yes, you are, Captain!


Captain: Fraulein.


Captain: Now, Fraulein. I want a truthful answer from you.

Maria: Yes, Captain?

Captain: Is it possible – or could I have just imagined it – have my children by any chance been climbing trees today?

Maria: Yes, Captain.

Captain: I see. And where, may I ask, did they get these… ummm…

Maria: Play clothes.

Captain: Oh, is that what you call them?

Maria: I made them. From the drapes that used to hang in my bedroom.

Captain: Drapes?

Maria: They still have plenty of wear left. The children have been everywhere in them.

Captain: Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes?

Maria: Mmm-hmmm. And having a marvelous time!


[singing starts somewhere inside]

Captain: What’s that?

Maria: It’s singing.

Captain: Yes, I realize it’s singing, but who?

Maria: The children.

Captain: The children?

Maria: I taught them something to sing for the Baroness.

the sound of music after kids have changed after falling to water out of boat

When the Captain enters the house, he finds them in the sitting room standing opposite the seated Baroness and Max. They are singing a rendition of the song “The Sound of Music.” He eventually joins in. When all is finished, the littlest through Maria’s directions from the doorway, to give a handful of flower to the Baroness. Meanwhile the Captain is hugging all his children. He spies Maria at the door way and excuses himself.

the sound_of_music after captain apologizes to maria & asks her to stay

Captain: [after apologizing] I want you to stay. I ask you to stay.

It’s a tear in the eye, lump in your throat type moment.

the sound of music doing the lonely goatherd show

After the show, the children ask their father to sing. He declines but all are insistent, especially, Max. He is a talent agent of sorts.

Max: Just say the word Georg, we will make you the Von Trapp Family Singers, with you are the head.

They are all finally able to convince Georg to sing. Maria presents him with the guitar.

Edelweiss is the song of choice. It is so beautifully done. It is when Georg and Maria really gaze into each others eyes. It is one of those intense moments for me where my heart pounds and my breathing stops.

the sound of music edelweiss captain singing for all maria & captain show signs of falling

The Sound of Music — Whistles & Meeting the Children

Christopher Plummer — Edelweiss [Variety of Scenes from film — The Sound of Music]

the sound of music liesel on couch next to father singing edelweiss

Liesl eventually joins in singing with her father.

the sound-of-music edelweiss captain w liesel kids kneeling

Sound-of-Music-maria closeup during singing of edelweiss melts me inside

the sound of music captain & maria doing the laedler full photo

Time for a party. Everyone who is anyone, even those who Georg would never invite were invited. The children convince Maria to teach them to dance. The Captain joins them by interrupting Kurt and takes Maria’s hand and they dance to the Laendler. It is an Austria folk dance. The Captain and Maria do it so well. Another romantic moment in the movie.

the sound of music captain maria 3 photos in one dancing

som maria captaindancing crop thought 2

som maria captain dancing passionate

som dancing maria captain gif

the sound of music christopher-julie-dancing laedler

the sound of music christopher-julie-dancing laedler

The-sound-of-music captain baroness maria children after captain & maria danced

the sound of music brigitta & cartwright

the Sound-of-music-goodbye so long farewell singing goodnight

After the children say goodnight in a song, Max gets Georg to invite Maria to join them all for dinner. He tells her they will wait until she changes. The Baroness shows up in her room. This is when she frightens the hell out of Maria by telling her that she is in love with the Captain and he thinks he is in love with Maria.

Maria starts to pack. Baroness leaves.

Moments later we see Maria placing a note over the mantle and making a quiet exit out the front door.

the SoundOfMusic after maria left bc of what baroness said to her about captain love

the sound of music kids trying to see maria at the abby

the sound-of-music-maria-nun-julie-andrews entering mother superior's ofc b4 going back

The-sound-of-music maria in rev mother ofc to talk about going back

Later in the story, Maria returns to the Abbey to seek the Reverend Mother’s advice:

Maria: Reverend mother.

Reverend Mother: Why did they send you back to us?

Maria: They didn’t send me back . . . I left.

Reverend Mother: Tell me what happened.

Maria: Well, I . . . I was frightened.

Reverend Mother: Frightened? Were they unkind to you?

Maria: Oh, no, I, I was . . . I was confused. I felt . . . I’ve never felt that way before. I couldn’t stay, I knew here I’d be away from it. I’d be . . . safe.

Reverend Mother: (Instructively) Maria. Our Abbey is not to be used as an escape. What is it you can’t face?

Maria: I can’t face him again.

Reverend Mother: Him? Captain Von Trapp?

Maria nods affirmatively.

Reverend Mother: Are you in love with him?

Maria: I don’t know! I don’t know! The Baroness said I was. She said that he was in love with me, but I . . . I didn’t want to believe it. Oh, there were times when we would look at each other. Oh mother, I could hardly breathe.

Reverend Mother: Did you let him see how you felt?

Maria: If I did, I didn’t know it. That’s what’s been torturing me. I was there on God’s errand. To have asked for his love would have been wrong. Oh, I couldn’t stay, I just couldn’t . . . I’m ready at this moment to take my vows. Please help me.

Reverend Mother: Maria, the love of a man and a woman is holy too. You have a great capacity to love. What you must find out is how God wants you to spend your love.

Maria: But I pledged my life to God. I pledged my life to His service.

Reverend Mother: My daughter, if you love this man, it doesn’t mean you love God less. No. You must find out. You must go back.

Maria: Oh mother, you can’t ask me to do that. Please let me stay. I beg of you-

Reverend Mother: Maria, these walls were not built to shut out problems. You have to face them. You have to live the life you were born to live.

the-sound-of-music-maria kneeling w rev mother holding hand discussing love

Climb Every Mountain — Maria with Mother Superior

My Favorite Things — The Children Singing & Maria Returns

the SoundOfMusic coming back from abby meets children outsid

the sound-of-music-1965 maria & kids look up at captain & baroness maria says not back to stay

The children grab Maria’s things. There father sends the children in to dinner. After they leave Maria speaks to the Captain and the Baroness.

Maria: The children tell me you are to be married.

Captain confirms it. He asks her if she plans to stay now that she is back.

Maria: The reason I returned no longer exists. So, only until you can find another governess.

Maria walks past them to go inside.

the-sound-of-music-blue-dress maria walking around outside captain watching baroness finds him

Georg is on the back balcony overlooking the water when he sees Maria in her blue dress walking down by the water and then begins to walk off toward the gazebo. Before she is out of sight, the Baroness joins Georg. She is not blind. Georg is about to tell her something, which she takes the lead on. She tells him she needs to leave.

Baroness: Somewhere out there is a lady who I think will never be a nun. Auf Wiedersehen, darling.

She takes her leave.

The Sound of Music maria and captain light in gazebo

Captain: Maria, there isn’t going to be any Baroness anymore.

Maria: I don’t understand.

Captain: Well, we called off our engagement, you see, and…

Maria: Oh, I’m sorry.

Captain: Yes. You are?

Maria: Mm-hmm. You did?

Captain: Yes. Well, you can’t marry someone when you’re in love with someone else… can you?

the sound of music b&w captain holding maria in gazebo

Georg and Maria talk. She begins to tell him what the Reverend Mother always says. Maria sings the song “Something Good,” while Georg is holding her. When she is finished they kiss and hug.

the sound of music gazebo doorway maria's arms draping over captain's shoulders ask the children

the sound of music gazebo something good

The sound of music captain-and-maria-sound-of-music

The_Sound_of_Music gazebo singing i must have done something good

som maria captain looking  into eyes b4 kiss enlarge thought 1

the-sound-of-music-600x411 shadows darker

Captain: Maria, is there anyone I should ask for your hand in marriage.

Barely getting the words out.

Maria and the Captain: We should ask the children.

The Sound of Music Trailer — New Version

The-Sound-of-Music-1965 maria in wedding dress kneeling w nuns rev mother

The-Sound-of-Music-gif-julie-andrews-coming back from honeymoon

Max fills the Captain and Maria of the telegram and with the children about the Salzburg Folk Festival. The children are entered as the Von Trapp Family Singers. Georg gets angry with Max but doesn’t want to spoil their return. After reading the telegram, he tells Maria to get the children ready. They must all leave Austria. The Nazis want Georg to head up Captaining a ship in the Navy of the Third Reich. That is unthinkable to Georg.

the sound of music captain holding maria after got back from honeymoon & read nazi telegram

Marta: Why doesn’t father turn the motor on?

Kurt: [agitated] Because he doesn’t want anybody to hear us!

Captain: Shh!

Louisa: What will Frau Schmidt and Franz said when they discover we’re gone?

Captain: They’ll be able to answer truthfully they didn’t know anything about it if anyone asks them.

Louisa: Will we be coming back here?

Captain: Someday, Liesl. I do hope someday.

Gretl: Are Father and Uncle Max going to push the car all the way to Switzerland?

Maria: Shh!

As they push the car as silently as possible through the front gate, after closing the gate and before they can get in the car, the Nazis headed by Heir Geller turn their car lights to shine on the Von Trapp Family in their traveling cloths.

Herr Geller, the Captain, Max and Maria get into a debate. The Von Trapp’s come up with the idea that they are on the way to the folk festival. Maria tells him that the night air is not good for the children’s voices. Herr Geller is magnanimous and offers to follow them to the festival and from their they will take Captain von Trapp to accept his commission in the Navy of the Third Reich.

the_sound_of_music_film_edelweiss_in_concert captain getting audience to join in at festival

Before Georg starts to sing “Edelweiss” he tells the audience that the Third Reich are waiting for him to finish so they can take him to his command for the Navy of the Third Reich. There is a buzz amongst the audience, sounds of being very disturbed by this news.

While Georg is singing, he breaks down. Maria comes to his side and begins to sing. Eventually, she motions for the children to join them, then the whole audience is motioned by Georg to join in. Chills go up your spine during this song.

thesoundofmusic at festival all singing linking arms

Max is the MC of the show. He tells the audience before the awards are given out the Von Trapp’s are going to do an encore while the judges make their decisions.

the sound-of-music Salzberg folk fest last song escaping

The von Trapp’s, when it is announced they have won. They are called to the stage several times, until a Nazi soldier comes running in.

Nazi soldier: There gone. The von Trapp’s are gone.

All the Nazis scramble to get out of the Festival and to begin the search for the Von Trapp’s. It takes them to the Abby. They search but cannot find them. Rolfe is amongst the Nazis who are searching.

He eventually finds them and hesitates briefly to call them out. But being the misguided *bleep* he is, of course, he can’t be challenged by the Captain who embarrassed him earlier in the film and was trying to do so again.

From here, some funny things occur. The Captain had been given the keys for the Abby’s caretaker’s car. They drive off. You would think the Nazis would be in hot pursuit.

This is where I will end the tale. Pictures say a thousand words. So this is equivalent to a short novella based on a True Story with some exaggerations to make it playable in Broadway Musical form originally, and then an adaptation to the screen from the Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein collaboration. I feel it was their best ever.

Watch the Trailer for the Film, followed by some closing shots. After that the cast. And way on the bottom a spoof on actual footage from the film but made to look and sound like a Horror film. It really isn’t scary but instead rather amusing.

So, I hope you enjoyed and made it through this journey with me. And if you haven’t seen “The Sound of Music” or want to see it again, I highly recommend both of these. I’m going to do it myself for the “unknown” amount of times.

Thank you, Jennifer Kiley

The Sound of Music Trailer

the sound of music going over the mtns

the sound of music going up into the mtns


Julie Andrews ……….. Maria
Christopher Plummer ….. Captain Von Trapp
Eleanor Parker ………. The Baroness
Richard Haydn ……….. Max Detweiler
Peggy Wood ………….. Mother Abbess

Charmian Carr ……….. Liesl
Heather Menzies-Urich … Louisa (as Heather Menzies)
Nicholas Hammond …….. Friedrich
Duane Chase …………. Kurt
Angela Cartwright ……. Brigitta
Debbie Turner ……….. Marta
Kym Karath ………….. Gretl

Anna Lee ……………. Sister Margaretta
Portia Nelson ……….. Sister Berthe
Ben Wright ………….. Herr Zeller
Daniel Truhitte ……… Rolfe
Norma Varden ………… Frau Schmidt
Gilchrist Stuart …….. Franz (as Gil Stuart)
Marni Nixon …………. Sister Sophia


The Sound of Music [HORROR TRAILER]

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