Fav Top Ten #4: An Affair To Remember

affair-to-remember-title-screen posterFav Top Ten #4: An Affair To Remember
Review Written by Jennifer Kiley
Video One: Clips From Film with Music
Video Two: Theme Song by Josh Groban
Illustrated by j. kiley
Post Created Thursday 12th September 2013
Posted On Friday 13th September 2013
Friday the 13th

dedicated to roger ebert film friday5 stars

an affair to remember in diningroom on ship looking at each other

an affair to remember in terry's state room

An Affair To Remember — Forever Deborah Kerr & Cary Grant

an affair to remember empire state building off behind terry b&w

an affair to remember b&w on shipThe video above the black and white photographs of Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, has a French singer in the back ground, which makes the scene far more sentimental than a film trailer ever could and conveys the intense feelings of love developing between the two lead characters. If you know the story or have seen the film “Sleepless In Seattle,” you will know the two characters, after they wait for a year, if they are still in love, they are to meet at the top of the Empire State building in NYC.

sleeplessinseattle all 3 on top of empire state building

BDDefinitionAffairtoRemember in water on ship watermark removeWe know how “Sleepless In Seattle” ends but do we know what happens in “An Affair To Remember?” It is the most touching love story ever made. If you do not cry tears at the end of this film, I would say, in a non-judgmental way, you are the Tin Man, who never had a heart. He needs to make a visit to the Wizard for a new one, or it has been broken, or you have encased your soul in a vault. It is impossible not to get a lump in one’s throat and tears to build up in one’s eyes. Cary and Deborah are so perfect together. The characters they portray are instant successes as romantic figures. It is impossible not to care.on island near house of grandmother closer shotThere are many reasons to cry while watching “An Affair To Remember.” Each one, pulls at your heart and announces you are alive. Love is teased in the beginning scenes, on the cruise back to the States from overseas. Nickie Ferante, [Cary Grant] and Terry McKay, [Deborah Kerr] meet most fortunately for both, for they are able to offer each other a buffer of protection from the rest of the passengers on the ship, who are in constant pursuit of their company, in which they, themselves, want to pass on. There is no interest at all with them to mingle with anyone else but each other.

An-Affair-to-Remember-with grandmotherDuring the trip, Nickie takes Terry to his Grandmother’s island, when the ship makes a stop there.  Terry has a beautiful conversation with Nickie’s Grandmother. They bond really quickly. When it seems to Terry, Nicke’s Grandmother is cold, she retrieves a beautiful shawl and places it over her shoulders. It is during these moments when his Grandmother promises, someday the shawl would be a gift to Terry. After a wonderful time and a visit to the chapel, Terry and Nickie return to the ship.An-Affair-To-Remember at chapel on GM's islandThere they continue to pursue their quest for a peaceful, uninterrupted, and uneventful return to the states. Their trips were to have time away from their beloveds back home. It was all meant to be a time for them to think over their almost cemented relationships. Those who were waiting for them on their return. On the boat, everyone is after Nickie Ferante, a celebrity of a sort, a playboy who is tentatively spoken for by a wealthy heiress. She has a great deal to offer Nickie and his life style, plus he is cassé. Terry McKay has a similar situation but not the notoriety. She is being pursued by a wealthy gentleman back in NYC, who is a good person, and she is also cassé.in doorway to terry's room on ship Grant, Cary (An Affair to Remember)_02While on board, the trip is long, Terry and Nickie spend meals together, walks around the promenade talking and enjoying the others company. The rumours start to spread, though. Neither can afford for their friendship to be released to the press. This is when they start to pretend to not notice the other. It becomes amusing to the other passengers, the way they behave. It even has fall-out in the dining room when they attempt to dine alone and end up at tables back to back. It causes great laughter amongst the other dinner guests.cary-and-deborah-back-to-back 2

anaffairtoremember-empirestate see from boat their backs to usThey are fated. However, they do get caught on camera, but Nickie is quick, grabs the camera and destroys the negative. When it comes time for the ship to dock, they realize their feelings have developed into something more than just friendship. The answer is unsure, what should they do? A decision is made, after a designated length of time, if they are still feeling what they feel now, they will meet at the top of the Empire State Building.

Now you know fairy tales never end the way you want them to.

An-Affair-to-Remember going to kiss on ship

In the meantime, Nickie is going to try to earn money in order to be the man Terry needs, and Terry is going to try to earn money to bring to the relationship, in order to assure it does thrive. They need to find their independence and make it on their own. Both are adamant about doing this. Nickie has always been a potentially great painter. So he decides to go down the road of the artist. Terry, having a similar bent, has a glorious voice and turns to performing. All seems to be going well. It takes time but Nickie begins to find buyers for his paintings and Terry is becoming successful in her singing career. 

It is almost time for the fateful day to occur.

an affair to remember just getting off ship terry hugging fiance nickie watchesThe top of the Empire State Building is quite active. Both are intent on being there. But it doesn’t exactly happen the way it is supposed to. And this is as far as I will take the story. I have set it up. Watching is much more enjoyable.  It causes one to be misty eyed. And it is more than just a “chick flick.” I hate the term. If something is emotionally based and causes one to cry, why is it only females who are allowed to enjoy this kind of story? Why aren’t men allowed to watch this and have the same reaction as a woman? Crying is perfectly acceptable when confronting something excitingly joyful or exceedingly sad.an affair to remember in the theatreWhat happens next, is what leads one to the crying and the praying. Some major events occur which change the whole story.  Nickie has a gift for Terry. It is beautiful. Nickie and Terry run into one another, after the Empire State Building, when the opera audience is leaving, he sees with a man by her side, still sitting, as he walks up the aisle with a woman by his side. Nickie-Terry-in-An-Affair-to-Remember-movie-couple in her apt at endIt is awkward. If you want to find out any of the reasons I have left out, you must see the film. You will not be disappointed. As I said before, fairy/faery tales do not develop the way we want them to, nor do they always have the endings we expect. Faery tales don’t necessarily come true, the way they are in wishes and dreams. Cary-in-An-Affair-To-Remember-cary-grant present from grandmother

large_an_affair_to_remember_blu-ray_5 on couchIn order to know what happens. What might have gone wrong. Or how this tale ends, you must see “An Affair To Remember.” I promise, you will not regret it. Watching this film is an experience you will never forget. As the film titles states. it’s “An Affair To Remember.”   Written by Jennifer Kileyrememberpainting an affair to remember

An Affair To Remember — Song from Film — Sung by Josh Groban

Nickie-Terry-in-An-Affair-to-Remember-movie-couples last shot

3 thoughts on “Fav Top Ten #4: An Affair To Remember

  1. You are a superb film critic, Jennifer. I have not seen this film but thoroughly enjoyed the enchantment of those days, those films, and those actors. Your analogy between this film and “Sleepless in Seattle,” which I did see, is intriguing. You present these reviews in the most aesthetically appealing way. Any actor would be proud to be centered here!


    • TY Cher. I love the films from this era. They absorb you into the mystique. The actors had such deep personalities. Occasionally, today, you will find a film which will draw you inside of the story. “Sleepless In Seattle” is one of those films. I enjoy being mesmerized and carried away into the fantasy. You are most kind with your words. More than almost anything I love films of all kinds, except ones with zombies, unless they have a good story. Horror, which just likes spurting blood, without a decent script, is a bore. I love good acting so it doesn’t feel like acting, a good or great script, someone who knows how to direct a great performance and edits the film seamlessly, leaving the film watcher awed by the experience. When something is 2 hrs and it feels like 2 minutes has gone by when the credits roll, that is a great film.

      I am feeling more confident about reviewing. It is a challenge I enjoy. 😎 Jk



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