‘Practically Perfect In Every Way’

‘Practically Perfect In Every Way’
Making of Mary Poppins In Six Parts
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I love the story that Blake Edwards would tell that they, Julie Andrews and Blake, met in passing cars both either on the way or just leaving their analysts offices. Happy Birthday Blake. He would be 91 today, born 26th July 1922. I am doing this tribute for Julie and Blake. Wednesday was a post on Mary Poppins and other Julie related stories in my Lightness of Being Wednesday. Film Friday, I am recalling Julie going through her life, the majority of which was spent sharing her life with Blake.

Julie-Andrews as victor in tux

And the second part of this post is devoted to a Six Part ‘The Making of Mary Poppins,’ Julie Andrews introduction into the world of film and entering the world that her husband Blake Edwards was well a part of before their worlds crossed. So enjoy the story I am about to tell and photographs of love and film characters. And learn how Julie’s first film ever was build up from the bottom and became the success that it did and made Julie Andrews the movie star that dominated the film world for many decades.

julie rock kissing in shower DL

I am not the only one who fell in love with her. She was the most popular actress of all time throughout the 60s and 70s. She was a grand dame. She remains so today. A truly gifted and giving individual, especially in the world of children as a children’s author and an advocate for them throughout the world.

torn curtain-gif-julie-andrews-Lovely-julie-andrews DL julie rock in shower scene gif

Blake and Julie really loved each other. It is so comforting to live your life with someone who gets who you are and loves you for it. Blake got to live with Julie and Julie got to live with Blake. A great feeling to have their kind of love. The ups and downs of moods but love always at the foundation. It must be a strange day for Julie without Blake, for all the many years they celebrated this day. Who knows what kind of special plans they would share together and with the rest of the family. Wish you well Julie and to the rest of the Edwards family.

julie-andrews blake edwards getting married

Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards were married in 1969. They had 5 children. Blake brought two children to the marriage, Jennifer and Geoffrey and Julie brought one child, Emma Walton and together they adopted two Vietnamese girls, Amelia in 1974 and Joanna in 1975. Blake and Julie worked together on 10 – S.O.B. – Tamarind Seed – Darlin Lili – That’s Life – Victor/Victoria [Julie received an Oscar Nomination] and Victor/Victoria on the Broadway.


Julie received a Tony Nomination for her role in Victor/Victoria, in which she declined and made her infamous ‘egregiously’ overlooked speech standing up for the entire team of “Victor/Victoria” who were totally snubbed for any nominations themselves.

Julie Andrews turning down her Tony Nomination for Victor/Victoria
17 years ago on May 8th, 1996.

Blake was the producer, director and writer of the show. They used Henry Mancini’s music and lyrics, he had already died before they could get it to Broadway. Extra songs were written by Leslie Bricusse [music] and Frank Wildhorn [lyrics].

julie-andrews HL kissing the winner

Julie’s voice was really tested to the limit and shortly thereafter she had her throat surgery from which she never recovered her singing voice, we all love. Julie became extremely depressed after this. But eventually started to write with Emma, working in the theatre at Sag Harbour and other ventures. Then came the new children’s books they worked on together.

julie and blake

When Julie and Blake met in their passing cars leaving or heading to their psychoanalyst’s office, sometime in the mid-60s, in-between Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. It was amusement and love at first sight. Julie divorced Tony Walton, her first husband and Emma’s father, in 1967.

julie-andrews DL rock julie still in shower she is not happy

Tony and Julie have and still do work together on many projects and have remained friends over the years. Julie after she lost her ability to sing, due to the throat surgery gone bad in the 90s, has done some film work, Princess Diaries being my favorite.

On Dec. 15th, 2010, Blake Edwards died of complication from Pneumonia. Julie was by his side. He was 88.

julie and blake 1

The first book she wrote Mandy, which I read and fell in love with, was inspired by a dare from her children, I believe specifically Jennifer Edwards. It was a dare to get Julie to stop swearing. If she didn’t then she had to write a story for them. Well, she wrote her first book. It is quite good and I highly recommend it for middle aged children to adults. It is magical.

julie-andrews DL Rock julie in shower he turns on cold water

Wonderful things start to happen for Mandy after she wanders away from the boarding school she attends. She comes upon a cabin. Like an enchanted house just right for a young girl. I wanted to be Mandy. She is someone to emulate. It has been a while since I read Mandy. I should put on my reading list again. It would be enjoyable to remember and relive those moments of escape from my world. In this way I felt so much like Mandy.

julie-andrews beach on barbados in tamarind seed

Julie found another calling due to her predisposition to swearing. She has quite the rep for her language. Anyway a wonderful book and a must read for anyone who likes to see surprisingly good things happen to those who deserve them.

julie rock kissing in shower DL

Now Julie works with Emma writing more children’s books and turned one into a musical with the help of Tony Walton. Julie is leading an active life. She is looking fabulous. Last picture, fairly recent, I saw of her was from Australia. She was part of a large party in a restaurant and her companion sitting next to her was her chum Angela Lansbury. Julie looked happy, as happy as one could be.

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews-MP up the stairs

If I remember correctly, the two were both up for Bednobs and Broomsticks and as anyone who has seen B & B, we know Julie did not get that part. But then, she was Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp. Pretty good choices. I think I am almost over Julie not getting cast as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Audrey Hepburn was offered the role and she only accepted when she found out that Julie was never going to be considered for the role. A final decision made by Jack Warner, the head of Warner Bros.

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews-mp turning

And Julie received her Oscar for Mary Poppins and a nomination for The Sound of Music. By ticket prices today and the number of tickets sold for The Sound of Music, it is the 3rd highest grossing films of all time.

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews-mp reaching into carpet bag

My wish for Julie is to find at least one more remarkable role, she is chosen to play the part and it is so powerfully done, she is nominated for all the awards, especially the Oscar, and when they announce who is going to take home the Best Actress Oscar, they call out the name, Julie Andrews.
By Jennifer Kiley

Mary-Poppins on cloud waiting for the call with carpet bag parrot umbrella

A Modified Film Review of Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins, a not very ordinary nurse maid, who has charmed millions of children (and grown-ups) throughout the world since she first entered the literary world through the author Ms P. L. Travers in 1934, was finally made into a movie, with Julie Andrews. I loved the books and was so delighted to find out about the movie.

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews-MP the look

A combination of animation and humans interacting, a musical score so delightful, I fell asleep to it every night for so many years, wearing out so many LPs and Tapes and eventually to CD and MP3.

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews-hat stand

A film great for children and adults alike. If you know Mary Poppins, you know that no one would dare to try to fool around with her appearance and her staunch individuality. She would have a few words to say about that with a warning and saying crisply, “That will be quite enough of that.”

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews-mp michael jane

This is the genuine Mary Poppins that comes sailing in on an east wind, her open umbrella sailing over the starboard bow, to take on the care of the Banks children, Jane and Michael, in their parents’ London home, and vastly uplift the spirits of that father-dominated family.

The-Sound-of-Music-gif-julie-andrews-coming back from honeymoon

Julie Andrews is superb. with her feet splayed out to give her an unshakable footing and a look of complete authority, who calmly proceeds to show her charges that wonders will never cease and that there’s nothing like a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, but, of course, they are different colours for Jane, Michael and Mary, too, ‘rum punch.’. With her unrelenting discipline and her disarmingly angelic face, she fills this film with a sense of wholesome substance and the serenity of self-confidence.

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews the look 1

Mary Poppins is a wonderfully agile spirit with a gift for fun. To her, it is not the least amazing that she can fly with an umbrella, slide upstairs on banisters on which ordinary people slide down, walk through chalk drawings on the pavement into glittering magical worlds, and take her young charges along with her, to their surprise and delight. They pass into a cartoon wonderland where barnyard animals dance about. There’s a carousel where the horses take off on a grand adventure. They get mixed up in a cartoon fox-hunt, with a darling Irish fox, and ride on into the Derby horse race, which, needless to say, Mary Poppins wins.

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews MP love to laugh

A brilliant ballet sets in motion, after the children are sucked up to the rooftops and Bert and Mary must follow. Julie Andrews with Dick Van Dyke as Bert scatter and join in with a gang of chimney-sweeps on the London rooftops. Dick is joyous as Bert, the delightful and irrepressible street merchant who is the companion of Mary Poppins and the kids. The latter, performed by Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber, are just as they should be, and their parents—appropriately eccentric—are done beautifully by David Tomlinson and Glynis Johns.

Julie-Andrews-gif-julie-andrews-practically perfect in every way MP

Ed Wynn is grand as Uncle Albert, who soars up to the ceiling when he laughs, and Reginald Owen makes a great Admiral Boom, the nautical neighbor, a natural caricature. Hermione Baddeley, Elsa Lanchester, and Arthur Treacher are droll but perfect in smaller roles. Robert Stevenson directed with inventiveness with a true flair for creating a genuine Mary Poppins.

julie-andrews MP on set raining

It is sentimental but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. Mary Poppins has a saying, “Practically perfect people never permit sentiment to muddle their feelings.” But being not practically perfect, she is irresistible. Children and adults will feel this way ever so easily.

julie-andrews MP concerned look

So enjoy the following videos of ‘The Making of Mary Poppins.’ Hear the inside story of how it all came about, such a classic film of pure delight and entertaining as well, from start to finish, from surprise to surprise. You never want the wind to change. If you’ve seen the film, you know what happens when the wind changes. See the film if you never have and let the child out inside of you and if you have seen Mary Poppins, maybe it is time to see it again. Written by Jennifer Kiley

Julie Andrews Winning Oscar for Best Actress in Mary Poppins

mp poster with oscar win 4 julie

The Making of Mary Poppins [1/6]

Mary-Poppins-gif-julie-andrews spoonful

The Making of Mary Poppins [2/6]

Mary-Poppins bert on roof

The Making of Mary Poppins [3/6]

marypoppins gif  the look

The Making of Mary Poppins [4/6]


The Making of Mary Poppins [5/6]

mp julie andrews with parrot umbrella talking

The Making of Mary Poppins [6/6]

mp powdering nose with black gif

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