You Are Your Words

“…a whimsically syllogistic rabbit hole; The Word is divine; the divine create with words. Writers create with words; writers are divine.” This post is as elegant and divine as this quote is mischievous and elevating. It is truly a grand perspective on the glorious world of the word, which as someone who technically worships them, find the usage of words by Shawn MacKenzie delightful, intelligent and smoothly written with such a natural flow. jk the secret keeper

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URYourWordsIn the course of this human’s daily events, once I begin to feel the dream-webs lift from my mind, I brew a fresh pot of tea, play with the cats, and allow my thoughts to mosey along paths both cosmological and mundane, reasoned and stochastic. The other day, I started thinking about words.

Magical, mystical, wickedly creative, oh, the glorious power of words and we who wield them.

“In the beginning was the Word…and the Word was God.”

But this is not just a Judeo-Christian notion. The Popol Vuh – or Mayan Book of Creation – speaks of how Sovereign Plumed Serpent and Heart of Sky came together at the beginning of time.

“…And then came his [Heart of Sky’s] word, he came to Sovereign Plumed Serpent, here in the blackness, in the early dawn…. they joined their words, their thoughts….And then the earth arose because of them, it was…

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