The Twilight Saga Is Over

The Twilight Saga Is Over
Breaking Dawn Part 2
By Jennifer Kiley
Created 03.24.13
Posted 03.25.13

breaking dawn part two



BE WARNED. DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE FINAL FILM. Just enjoy the images and video trailer and the video of a song in the film.

The last of the Twilight Saga Films Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a satisfying film for all Twilight Vampire Lovers Among Us. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Shouted many expletives and watched twice within the same week. The extras that come with purchasing the Final Film of the Series do a marvelous job of explaining and creating a more enjoyable second viewing of the Final Film, giving you even more satisfaction to the conclusion.

The final film in the series of The Twilight Saga — Breaking Dawn part 2

The fantasy of The Twilight Saga. Have an imagination and enjoy the world of fiction.

This final film pays attention to Bella’s perspective, describing her painful transformation and finding she had changed into a vampire. She enjoyed her new life and abilities. She moves like the wind on black beauties. Mountains from top to bottom or in reverse, no problem. More strength then anyone, male or female. Love her new look. Hot and alive, not that wearing jeans and sneakers is a bad look. Loved that, also.

And then there’s the vampire Irina, who misidentifies Renesmee as an “Immortal child”, a child turned into a vampire. “Immortal children” are suppose to be uncontrollable, so it had been outlawed by the Volturi. Irina presents her allegation to the Volturi. Honestly feeling she is doing the right thing for vampires everywhere. This greatly disturbs the Volturi to the point of a murderous distraction. They device a plan which takes no time to hit the entire vampire network. Feeling threatened by the implications of an “Immortal child” to their survival, they intend to destroy Renesmee and the Cullens.

Now, you know that the Cullens are not going to just wait for the Volturi. They have a strong survival instinct. They come up with their own course of action. The Cullens start gathering other vampire clans from around the world to stand as witnesses and prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is not an “Immortal child.” The Cullens feel, if the Volturi are made aware that Renesmee is not a threat, they will back off and leave the Cullens in peace.

Being confronted with the Cullen allies and witnesses, the Volturi discover that they have been misinformed. Without hesitation they make Irina pay dearly for her mistake, but still remain undecided on whether Renesmee should be viewed as a threat to the vampires’ secret existence.

Eventually, it seems, all that remains leads up to the final confrontation and the end result. I feel you should see the film to discover what the culmination is to the complete story of The Twilight Saga, if you haven’t already read it in the book or have already seen the film in the theatres or on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Will their love survive. Will they survive the final showdown?

Stephanie Meyer ends the series:

The Twilight Saga is really Bella’s story, and this was the natural place for her story to wind up. She overcame the major obstacles in her path and fought her way to the place she wanted to be. I suppose I could try to prolong her story unnaturally, but it wouldn’t be interesting enough to keep me writing. Stories need conflict, and the conflicts that are Bella-centric are resolved.

Breaking Dawn cover showing Bella’s transition


The cover is a metaphor for Bella’s progression throughout the entire series; she began as the physically weakest player on the board, the pawn, but at the end she becomes the strongest, the queen. The chessboard also hints at the conclusion of the novel “where the battle with the Volturi is one of wits and strategy, not physical violence.”


The title, Breaking Dawn, is a reference to the beginning of Bella’s life as a newborn vampire, wanting to add a “sense of disaster” to the title to match the novel’s mood. Also, it centers around “a new awakening and a new day.”

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Official Trailer

edward-bella-twilight-u dont no how long

A Thousand Years — Christina Perri


“Nessie? You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?” — Bella Cullen

“I thought we would be safe forever. But “forever” isn’t as long as I’d hoped.” — Bella Cullen

“It’s healthy to ditch class now and then.” To be precise, it was healthier for humans if vampires ditched on days when human blood would be spilt.” ― Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun

“Sorry if I can’t be the right monster for you Bella.” ― Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

“Mom. I have something to tell you. I’m undead. Now, I know you may have some preconceived notions about the undead. I know you may not be comfortable with the idea of me being undead. But I’m here to tell you that undead are just like you and me … well, okay. Possibly more like me than you.” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

“You know that old saying. Once you go dead, no one’s better in bed.” ― Jeaniene Frost, One Foot in the Grave

“Clary- “How to Come Out to Your Parents,” she read out loud. “LUKE. Don’t be ridiculous. Simon’s not gay, he’s a vampire.” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

“I have been stabbed, shot, burned, bitten, beaten unconscious too many times to count, and even staked. None of those held a candle to the pain I felt at seeing his mouth on hers.” ― Jeaniene Frost, One Foot in the Grave

“When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers, I kind of wanted to be a vampire.” ― Angelina Jolie

“You undo me, Merit. Wholly and completely. You don’t take me at my word. You challenge me at every opportunity. And that means when I’m with you, I am less than the head of this House…and I am more than the head of this House. I am a man.” He stroked my cheeks with his thumbs. “In my very, very long life, I need you more than I have ever needed anything.” ― Chloe Neill, Twice Bitten

“A witch, a vampire, and a pixy walk into a bar, I thought as I led the way into the Squirrel’s End. It was early, and the sun had yet to set when the door swung shut behind Jenks, sealing us in the warm air smelling faintly of smoke. Immediately Nick yanked it open to come in behind us. And there’s the punch line.” ― Kim Harrison, A Fistful of Charms

“I am your sire. I am to guide you through your first days as a vampire. Your first feeding is a rite of passage, a sacrament. It will not be wasted on some hormone-driven frenzy. This is why I wanted you to feed from me.”
“I will not drink it in a house, I will not drink it with a mouse. I will not drink it
here or there, I will not drink it anywhere,” I wheezed, hoping I was able to communicate adequate sarcasm through the crippling belly cramps.
“Did you just quote Green Eggs and Ham?”
― Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs

“Ivy turned. ‘He bit you on the neck?’ she said, deadpan serious but for her eyes. ‘Oh, then it’s got to be love. She won’t let me bite her neck.” ― Kim Harrison, Dead Witch Walking

“I never knew what life was until it ran out in a red gush over any lips, my hands!” ― Anne Rice

“I glanced at George half naked in his towel, then at Barkley, completely naked in his . . . nothing. A vampire and a werewolf.
I shook my head. It was obvious. I was having one of my Anita Blake dreams again. ”
― Michelle Rowen, Fanged & Fabulous

“I am the Vampire Lestat. I’m immortal more or less. The light of the sun, the sustained heat of an intense fire-these things might destroy me. But then again, they might not.” ― Anne Rice

“Oh Lestat, you deserved everything that’s ever happened to you. You better not die. You might actually go to hell.” ― Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

“Eternity is a long time to spend alone, without others of your kind.” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels