Oscar’s Naked & the Humourless

Oscar’s Naked & the Humourless
By jk the secret keeper
Started Writing Before Midnight 02.25.13
Inspired by Article & Friend
Posted 02.26.13

My thoughts on the 85th Oscar’s Ceremony
Particularly it’s humour

Before the show, when I found out that Seth McFarlane was going to host, I was very disappointed. What were they thinking choosing Seth as MC. At the time, for some reason I was wrongly under the impression that he produced the Simpsons. I was so tired of that show for so many years. My partner “S” during the show informed me he produced “Family Guy.” So, I was wrong about that one. Duh! Wrong. Actually, knew that fact but somehow had blocked it from my memory. Just never got into the guy.

I complained on and off throughout the day, but then the show started. After a short time into the show I admitted to “S” that I was wrong about him. I thought he did a fantastic job. He was so funny. So he said a few things that made people wince a bit but still funny, though. I told “S”, this evening, a short while ago, that I felt this is the first show of the Oscars that I’ve really gotten into in a long time. Felt that it really popped. His jokes were funny as hell. And it was the Repubs who were all upset that Michelle Obama participated. I thought that was brilliant. I like all the choices of films and want to see them all. Have followed them through trailers and interview shows and reviews. And I really like the directors. Was pissed off Ben Affleck was not nominated, he deserved to be, but his movie, “ARGO” won best picture, so he got his producer Oscar award. He’s back in the game.

Iran is pissed off that Ben’s film Argo won b/c they think it embarrasses them. Well, they still had other hostages for almost a year and held a US election in their hands by being influential in getting Ronald Reagan elected b/c they set it up for Carter to lose by releasing the hostages right after the election.

But I digress…

It was a fantastic ceremony. Everyone was having a great time. The critics be damned. And as far as the “boob” song, I thought it was hysterical. They played it on my favorite lesbian radio on TV morning show that talks about politics with Stephanie Miller. They got into it all about the Oscars and played the “boob” song. I think it should be released as a joke mp3. Come on, people need to get a sense of humour. Seth produces a show called Family Guy where a dog talks and is in love with the mother of the family. Their baby wants to take over the world. Their daughter is brilliant and their son is dumber than a bag of hammers and the father is an idiot that always manages to land on his feet but it is fun, offended everyone, intelligent humour. Did I mention that it is animated? We use to watch but conflict in scheduling.

They knew they were getting someone close to that of those who produce South Park. To be politically incorrect is so underrated. Politically correct has been lost in the US for a long time. Homophobia and Racism and Sexism and all sorts of “isms” are alive and well. I’d rather know the enemy then have them lie to me and get shot while sleeping. It’s a pain but then at least you know what you are up against.

It was a funny Oscar show. Seth wasn’t the only one doing jokes. SO I DO DISAGREE with the CRITICS. I found it totally refreshing and I have been watching since WEST SIDE STORY won for Best Picture. That was 1962. I was a young kid and fell in love with the films. I went to see West Side Story by myself. That surprised me, considering my age and the strictness of my mother. I fell in love with Natalie Wood that day. She was so beautiful. I really thought she was singing her own music. I thought everyone was but most of the leads were done from ghost singers. What an amazing film. I cried so much at the end of that film. To this day, the ending puts a lump in my throat. The song “Somewhere, There’s a Place for Us” became my anthem.

Sissel – Somewhere (There’s A Place For Us) (from West Side Story)
Sissel Kyrkjebø is from Norway — I have never heard anyone sing this song so beautifully. It will give you the chills. It did to me.

At this point, I decided to read the article that set me off to writing this post. My friend left me the link and I couldn’t resist. I had to read the article. With a title like: “Seth MacFarlane and the Oscars’ Hostile, Ugly, Sexist Night” intrigued me. I had been talking to “S” about this dissing Seth MacFarlane just after I got up later in the day. She told me that Seth was getting dissed for his humor. Well, now after reading this article it gives me a focus of what other people are thinking. I, not only read the article but I read a great many of the comments that followed it. Quite a variety of pros & cons to the humour question.

First, I totally disagree with Amy Davidson, the critic/writer of the article as many of those who commented did. She missed the whole point. A quote I left at the end of one of my posts states it well. I will paraphrase. “I think she needs to buy a dictionary and look up the word ‘fun’ for I do not believe she knows what it is.'” Well, I think in this instance Humour is what she does not get. They were jokes. It was weird humour. Yes, there were some wincing moments. There usually are. Everyone has a different sense of humour. That’s what makes us unique. After reading some of his lines out of context they do sound more wincing than funny but anything out of context can cause a totally different reaction than when mixed among the better or funnier lines in his monologue.

An example of a joke that causes a wince was the Rihanna comment in relation to the film Django Unchained being a date film for her and Chris Brown. It was a joke, not a statement or being insensitive to domestic violence. When you do comedy there are very few things that are sacred. Next part of routine is silly and it doesn’t mean you hate women b/c you do a stupid song about “boobs.” I liked that someone commented on the article that they should have then turned around and sang a song “I/We saw your junk”…Now that would have been funny too.

We Saw You Junk (Oscar Parody)
Well,it looks like someone decided to do just that. In this funny parody.

Poor Michael Fassbender had to put up with that at last years Oscars. He lets it all hang out in the film “Shame” — which is a brilliant film about sex addiction. He was fabulous in the part. Highly, recommend it. He is one of my favorite actors today. He played Carl Jung in the film “A Dangerous Method” about the relationship with Freud and discovering “the talking cure”… Kiera Knightly played his patient and did become a great psychiatrist but being Jewish ended up dying in the camps. Not part of the film. I would recommend following his career.

Shame — Official Trailer 2012 HD — Michael Fassbender

Anyway, I do not agree with Amy Davidson at all about her judgement or evaluation of the show. It is low brow humour but did not interfere with the rest of the show. I didn’t pay much attention to the closing song & I did catch the comment about the youngest female nominee, Ms Wallis. She is 9 years old. It was in bad taste. But I feel the young Ms Wallis is beyond Seth’s joke and is so centered that her focus was in having a great experience. She was at the Oscars. I feel she is going to go far as an actor and has the confidence and intensity to really wow people. The comments that he was disrespectful not only of women but those that have accents that are difficult if not impossible to understand. He included women and a man in this group. This was followed by introducing Selma Hayek. Accents do not just apply to any particular dialect. It is ridiculous to assume otherwise. Once again humour. How many times on the TV show Modern Family does Sofia Vergara get called on her enunciation of English words. Well, if a person, for example, from the Southern US went to, let’s say Paris, and he tried to speak French to a native of that country who does not understand any English. You do not think that the person from the South would sound unusual to a Parisian.

It is time to get a sense of humour. It is fun to laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed the Oscars. I loved the “I see your boobs” song. It cracked me up. I would love to hear Kate Winslet’s reaction to it. She was the punchline of the joke. Next year, during the opening, the writers should come up with a comparable song for the men, for real, “I see your junk.” I would laugh like hell. Also, I am a lesbian, but I think it would be only fair if men showed just as much skin as women do in any film they are both in. Being naked, if there is a reason for it, is very beautiful. Check out how Sara Polley does it in the film “Take This Waltz”… She has a totally natural scene in the women’s showers at the recreation center where all the women are naked and in all shapes and sizes. No one is self-conscious, they interact with great dialogue and it works beautifully. That is the way it is meant to be in art. All the artist/painters of the past painted the naked body so they could learn how to do shadows and shapes and the human body is one of the most beautiful creations. We should not feel shamed by it being naked. And if someone wants to have fun with our shame and use humour then go for it. I am there with you.

hands on body loving

One last thing, when I was in my early 20s, I went to an all lesbian musical weekend. I played soccer games, went swimming in the pool, played my guitar, sang my music & massaged some very lovely ladies who were fellow musicians. The best part of the weekend was that a great many of us were walking around or hanging around or swimming naked or half naked. No buttons buttoned up. Just beautiful bodies and beautiful “breasts” or “boobs” if you will have it. It was so freeing.

All over the world there are beaches and naturalist spaces where the body is free to be. There is nothing wrong with nakedness. I can’t wait to get out of my clothes after being out of the house for the day. Or when I get up in the morning, off with the cloths right there in the living room. So when I write on Skype I do not do video, I really mean it when I say you might just find me naked. If it’s cold, well, I am not stupid. Then I am three layers on top and sweats and hospital booties on the lower half and my hoodie is up over my ski cap. There’s naked and there’s stupid. But seriously, lighten up. Get naked sometimes. It just feels so damn good. AND HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR. IT REALLY IS FUN TO LAUGH AND IT IS FUN TO LAUGH AT OURSELVES. So bring on the song: “I saw your boobs.” Namaste jk the secret keeper

Ellen’s Oscar® monologue 2007

Whoopi Goldberg’s opening monologue at the 71st Academy Awards®

Hugh Jackman 81th Academy Awards 2009

Meryl Streep A Tribute to 17 Oscar Nominations

Zero Dark Thirty final Trailer Soundtrack / Scala & Kolacny brothers – Nothing else matters
Quite moving video. No words are spoken only music & singing
I do not understand why this song was not nominated for best song.

“Shall I desire to see her naked?
Like a naked tree.”
― Santosh Kalwar, An Aphrodisiac

“Freedom is to stand naked at the moment, having no expectations, nothing to lose or to gain. The empty then is fulfilled, just to be emptied again at the next moment. The Absolute Freedom is, to become every path, at any given moment.”
― Grigoris Deoudis

“The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits.” ― Albert Einstein

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.”
― Terry Pratchett, Diggers

“The story so far:
In the beginning the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” ― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

“The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at your 3 best friends. If they’re ok, then it’s you.” ― Rita Mae Brown

“Ever notice how ‘What the hell’ is always the right answer?”
― Marilyn Monroe

“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” ― Oscar Levant

“Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” ― Mark Twain

“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.
There is another theory which states that this has already happened.” ― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Referred To Article in New Yorker:
Seth MacFarlane and the Oscars’ Hostile, Ugly, Sexist Night
Watching the Oscars last night meant sitting through a series of crudely sexist antics led by a scrubby, self-pleased Seth MacFarlane. That would be tedious enough. But the evening’s misogyny involved a specific hostility to women in the workplace…

7 thoughts on “Oscar’s Naked & the Humourless

  1. “There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.
    There is another theory which states that this has already happened.” ― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


  2. I feel really reluctant to leave a comment here even though I have things to say. I feel there must be a WordPress code for followers to only press ‘like’ and then leave it at that. I never see a discussion following your brilliant blogs that are raising so many issues. I have left comments here and there but they never go anywhere or no else responded. What is this? Can anyone let me in on the ‘secret society of WordPress readers and likers’?


    • You don’t have to click “like” to make a comment or you can press like & not leave a comment. I do have discussions sometimes on my posts but I think most people feel more comfortable just clicking on “like”. That’s okay. There are certain people I interact with all the time. I enjoy it when you leave a comment & if you just want to “like” my post. I do spend a great amount of time commenting on other bloggers posts & do interaction with those bloggers. It is okay that sometimes there are discussions and sometimes comments with my answering and that is far as it goes and other times I have had some interesting interactions which created a rather long list of comments. It really is alright if people just want to read or view what I create & that is it. Whatever anyone feels that they want to do. This particular post I spent hours creating. Didn’t realize it would end up keeping me up till way after sunrise. It was worth the time. I enjoyed doing it. I get so much satisfaction from working on my posts. It is fun & sometimes extremely painful & other times quite zen where I get really blissed out. Actually, most of the posts I create make me feel something & takes me to deep places inside me, whether funny or serious or a combination of both. My entire being expands when I am able to create art, writing, poems, jokes, collages, posters, finding music, checking out the blogs I follow, finding new blogs that fascinate me. It is a total experience. And I still have my other writing and life that brings me a deep understanding & sometimes a feeling of total desperation & wanting to go all in or all out. I feel like I am in a special world here. It feels connected to something I cannot explain in a few words & feelings. I hope that what I am doing does have an effect on people in a good or enlightening way. Or that I find enlightenment from the topics that I create & explore. I do try to have fun. I learn a great deal from researching what I post. I do wish you would please join in. Let your spirit run free. For yourself & maybe for others. I do it for all of what I have written. It is an opening of one’s self that is extremely divine & feels so real in a surreal & profound way. I am addicted to it. It gives me an immediate focus whenever I choose to enter into it. Does that help clarify it a bit for you my friend. Foremost, I try to be as honest & as deep as I am able to go whether to lightly touch those who view my work or to go deep & serious, so that I may cause a profound effect on my self & those who observe what I have created.
      love, jennifer

      ps. I do try & usually respond to any & all comments. Have I not responded to yours? If I didn’t that surprises me. Have to go now. The living room is going through a major transformation & during the day on Wednesday a major piece of furniture is due to arrive. It is my study & the room where I do most of my creating when at home. Otherwise, I write poetry in bed. So it is rather confusing & chaotic in my work space. All is scattered to the wind. Furniture being replaced & space is going to radically change. Earlier in the evening, I started to freak. My space as I know it will almost completely disappear. A whole new space is being created. Now I feel it will be more comfortable and create more open space but then it hasn’t settled into what it will become yet. Everything is in a state of madness & non-sense. I will let you know when the change is complete or at least close to a place where I can land safely & feel my power & creative space has returned. jk 😎 I do hope.


  3. The boobs song was hilarious!!! Usually I’m all about the feminism, but the Kate Winslet bit was genius!!!

    I totally loved the Oscars this year. I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s shock at winning, and Joaquin Phoenix falling asleep. Brilliant!!

    I saw Shame last week- very impressed. I’ve been a bit of a Michael Fassbender fan since I saw X-Men First Class and then Prometheus.

    I thought it was ridiculous Ben Affleck wasn’t nominated for Director- reckon there was some political thing going on there. But I do like Ang Lee so that’s OK.

    Gutted Hugh Jackman didn’t get Best Actor. Daniel Day Lewis- you greedy boy!!

    The best bit of the Oscars is watching the interviews outside the Vanity Fair gig where all the celebs are drunk. Tom Hanks was hilarious a few years ago!!


    • The “Boobs” song was hysterical & I really want to hear Kate Winslet’s reaction. I posted a comeback to the “boobs” song, “I saw your junk” on the same post. It is really funny,

      I didn’t get to see Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction right away or her fall. I was looking down at my laptop. But saw it later on the followup. Also, Joaquin fell asleep. Poor guy, missed that, too.

      Ben Affleck was robbed. They need to extend the number of Directors who are nominated if they are sticking with the increase on the film noms. But he won it all with Best Picture.

      Michael Fassbender is gorgeous as an actor and person. I think in the “about” section of my blog I have a page on Cinema. There are a few videos of Michael in great interviews on the film “Shame.” I haven’t check recently but I think they still work. You need some time to listen to them but they really are great discussion and interviews.

      S my partner was rooting for Daniel & was rooting for Hugh. It really was a tie in my head. Both fantastic performances from what I have seen in clips and trailers. A fan of Abe and Les Mis. Love that musical. Heard the music so many times and the reunions of the show.

      Missed the Vanity Fair party–drunk celebs. Can’t wait till all these films hit dvd. A feast of pure enjoyment. Sorry for taking so long to respond. Crazy week. Peace, jk


    • Thank you for checking out my posts. I appreciate all your comments. I hope you won’t mind if I respond on Saturday to the things that you have written. Spent a great deal of time on tonights post. Rather tired and would like to give myself time to think and then respond to your comments. My most recent post was rather intense for me. You will see when and if you read it. Strong subject matter for me. Thank you for your patience. I would also tomorrow spend some time on your posts also. So be prepared for a visit this weekend. Many thanks for all your encouragement. Now to sleep for me. Haven’t had much sleep recently. So plug myself into music and off to dreamland. Namaste. jennifer 😎


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