Emma Watson Chats “Perks…”

Emma Watson Chats “Perks…”
BBCRadio 1 (2012)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
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collage the perks of being a wallflower

to feel infinite

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Grimmy Chats with Emma Watson—BBCRadio–1 (2012)
Brilliant, Honest and Revealing Chat with Emma Watson

12 thoughts on “Emma Watson Chats “Perks…”

        • I’ve been meaning to respond to what you said about Emma. She is definitely quite grounded. I think she will do okay. It was probably good for her to have such a solid environment in the consistency of HP. Such support and the creation of a wonderful working family. Then getting a taste of college at Brown and now living in the states. She is both wise and intelligent. The fact that she put in such an effort to getting “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” made into a film, definitely shows commitment to her craft. She is so talented and I enjoy so much following her career. I can’t wait to see what she does next. She appears to me to be very much her own person and very self confident but not arrogant in any way. And through seeing “Perks…” you can see her versatility in acting abilities shine through with a great deal of insight and sensitivity. We will have to keep track together to see what she does with her great talents and her wonderful personality. jk


    • I have been, also, fortunate to see all three of these films & want to see them all again, especially “Perks…” I do need to watch the 4 Ms again b/c for some reason I do not recall that film as well. If I remember correctly it felt rather complicated. I may have been distracted the night I watched it. But I do remember the subject and that it was a very good film. Films are amazing. I have loved watching them since I was quite young. Between writing & films I think that is what I do more then anything else & that includes sleep. If I didn’t need it so much I would do with as little as possible. The film I am looking forward to seeing the most next is Silver Lining Playbook & next in line I believe I will be watching Bully. Have DVD. Just need to watch. My therapist told me it is rather disturbing in sections & is concerned it may have a bad effect on me so she told me to wait until she is back from vacation next week before I watch it. It is rather an intense subject for me and deals with committing suicide b/c of not being able to deal with the pain any longer. But I want to keep writing about it to keep attention drawn to bullying and homophobia.

      I don’t understand sometimes why people do not realize we are all different & unique & can all fall into the trap of being bullied and prejudiced against by anyone. No one is immune.

      Thanks for checking out my posts and making your marvelous comments. I do very much enjoy reading what you have to say. jk


      • Yeah, I can’t wait to see Silver Lining Playbook too- I didn’t realise the main character had Bipolar until recently. Don’t know if Argo is something I’ll enjoy but I’m gonna give that a go too…oh and Zero Dark Thirty. I love films too- so much!! I hadn’t heard of Bully before. Bullying is also something very close to my heart. Enjoying your blog!!


        • All of the films you mention are on my list. I am rather curious about Argo b/c it is a true story. I remember following the Iranians kidnapping all those from the American Embassy. It lasted what felt like forever. There were always wishes that they would be rescued. Didn’t happen. Now to find out about some people who were rescued in the film Argo, it rather captures the imagination that they sent in a faux film crew to do just that. The whole concept is genius and I want to see it unfold as it did back then. What a secret to keep all these years. Bipolar is so important to me having to experience its effects everyday and night that to see it represented in a comedy should be amusing. Love those who were cast for the film. Zero Dark Thirty has so much baggage surrounding it. The fact that they are telling a true story about getting Osama bin Laden but not portraying it truthfully with all the facts is a disappointment. It is not historically accurate. So, I decided to watch it as a fictional recollection of the assassination (technically speaking) of Bin Laden, our greatest enemy who murdered so many innocent people over the course of many years and which included the bringing down of the World Trade Center Towers, four planes with innocent people on them and crashing into the Pentagon. Terrorism, no matter where its’ source begins, is just not acceptable. Why the world has been brought to such a place in order to bully everyone in the world is a sad statement for people who feel this need to have this corruptible power.

          Bully is the last of these films I have on my list right now. It seems to be escalating in the school system and in the world. Terrorism is only a step beyond bullying. But when children are tormented on a daily basis. Why is it that the adults around them cannot do something to stop or at least subdue the level bullying has risen to.

          Thank you I am pleased that you enjoy my blog. jk


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