Shelter Girl

This an innovative poem & quite touching. Violence is too prevalent & invisible. But maybe not so much any more. We need to keep shouting out with the voices we have that Violence has to End. It is true that Domestic Violence does create homelessness. One doesn’t necessarily go to that point when this subject comes to the fore. Great poem DiAnne. And all who commented on your site and those who reblogged. We need to keep the chain of awareness going and spreading it out like a ripple effect. jk Jennifer Kiley… Great poem DiAnne. Will be reblogging to the secret keeper. It fits the subject of Domestic Violence or anything society had for so long wanted to be kept quiet and especially not talked about above a whisper. jk ps. Thank you Niamh for putting another link in the chain that helps to spread the word about Domestic Violence. I have reblogged from DiAnne’s blog and suggested that we keep this message going like a ripple effect. Some of what I have written here is on DiAnne’s blog and some is on mine but also it is original for your blog Niamh. I know the kinds of life we had to live through and Domestic Violence and Abuse is way too familiar. It didn’t have a voice when I was a child and there weren’t people or shelters to turn to or authorities you felt you could trust to tell your secrets to about any of the abuse. So some of us survived in silence and some did not survive at all. This is an important subject about which to shout about out loud. Any form of Abuse needs to remain out in the light and it needs to be stopped and those who are the Abusers need to be made to answer for their actions everywhere.

DiAnne's Scribbles

Shelter Girl
Falling into the “and then some” category of this blog it never hurts to put this out there as a stark reminder or a source for help…
The day she came
to the shelter
She was a sight
for sore eyes.
Children in tow
a half-packed bag,
Evidence of having
left in a hurry.
The first order
of business,
Hugs and comforting,
Then hearing her
story, spilled with
heartbreak and tears.
He had unclothed her
with relentless criticism,
Made her bleed,
Inside and out,
But there had been
nothing remarkable
about him or his opinion,
Because he had never cured
any of her so-called
Somehow she had found
that one remaining sparkle,
That last glimmer of hope,
Bringing her to this place of
warm hearts and helping hands.
She learned this was not her fault,
That the so-called imperfections
Were all his…
© 2013…

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5 thoughts on “Shelter Girl

    • There is a great deal of Domestic Violence in the US and there didn’t use to be places to go for help. Women would die. Children would be traumatized. Families would become homeless just trying to get away from the abuse. I know about being terrorized and not having anyone to turn to. You feel so alone and lost. It is so much better but far from being taken care of in a way that is acceptable. Those who commit the violence need stronger punishment so that cannot repeat offend. Serious situation. jk


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