What a wonderful film. From the film clip you get such a sense of a great acting troupe brought together in the similar flavor of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel but in this film no one goes to India but they do have the indomitable Maggie Smith. Definitely, on my film list of films to see as soon as it hits DVD. Bravo & Brava. Looks like a Hoot. jk the secret keeper


Growing old is like watching a balloon expand with each breath, never knowing when that one breath will cause the balloon to pop. As my friends and I age, the subject of how we may need assistance in our old age comes up more often. It is particularly important to those of us who are single; we wonder what will happen to us. An idea we have kicked around is buying an apartment building, where we can all live. It would allow us privacy but we would always have someone close by if help was needed. In a similar situation this sweet movie was about a home for retired musicians. Idyllic days filled with music and singing, building up to the annual charity concert celebration, received a surprise interruption. It was the arrival of new resident opera diva Jean Horton, played by Maggie Smith (Harry Potter franchise, The Best Exotic…

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2 thoughts on “Quartet

    • I cannot wait. Cannot handle theatres so I need to wait until the films make it to DVD or pay-per-view. Quartet is one of those films I want to see as soon as it is available. It looks so brilliant. I do love Maggie Smith and could watch her in anything. Keep a look out for it. If you see it let me know what you think. 😉 jk


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