Writing Is…a time traveller’s lost voyage

Writing is…a time traveller’s lost voyage
By Jennifer Kiley
Formerly Known As
The Universal Eclectic
Another Life Time Ago
With An Alternate Persona
Reposting 01.24.13

I will explain the above comment in due course in a future post but tonight I am taking advantage of that other persona and borrowing this post “Writing Is…” to fill a space for an altogether different post I might have written if my laptop or as a writer I might refer to her as my trusty time and space traveller, for she does take me anywhere I want to go. It is not quite the TARDIS, Time and Relative Dimensions In Space. Now, for us Dr. Who fans, that would be the coolest device ever to own or possess.

Anyway, my laptop is on her way tomorrow, by then today, to go to get herself analyze and hopefully fixed and exorcised of the gremlins inside of her. I guess someone has been feeding her after midnight. For Shame. So I will be without her for about a week, They are going to do a rush job. So after tonight, the only devices I will have are my Tablet, my Kindle Touch and pen and paper to create my posts for “the secret keeper.” Plus, my partner said I could borrow her other laptop to finish off my posts. I need her laptop to do my art work and to do all the intricate activities of putting a post to bed,

So I have had in the past five days been to bed to sleep once. Otherwise, I have been trying to get my laptop to work, That meant I was on the phone with tech support hours on end, day and night trying to get her to work right. But with no success. She is so quirky at the moment, she could so most anything unexpectedly. So I better get this post reposted and off or out into the world. I do hope you enjoy and would like to make Writing is… comments of your own. The very last one on this repost is from someone who did just that. It was a terribly good comment and that is why I included it in this repost.

So now enjoy and be patient with me over the next week. I will try to create some thought prvoking posts, some serious, some funny and maybe some even sexy or sensuous. One never knows what to expect, not even me and I spend the most time with myself. It should be interesting how things turn out with my computer addiction. I wonder what the withdrawal symptoms will be. I do hope the good part will be that I will get some sleep for the next week.

Enjoy and wish my time traveller companion good luck on her adventure. Now to “Writing is…” jk the secret keeper…

It started as a rough edition of a list that I found and have developed and added to.

Definition: writing is the representation of language in a textual medium through the use of a set of signs or symbols (known as a writing system). It is distinguished from illustration, such as cave drawing and painting, and non-symbolic preservation of language via non-textual media, such as magnetic tape audio. writing most likely began as a consequence of political expansion in ancient cultures, which needed reliable means for transmitting information.

Definition: The recording of words or sounds in significant characters; in the most general sense, any use of or method of using letters or other conventional symbols of uttered sounds for the visible preservation or transmission of ideas; specifically, as distinguished from printing, stamping, incision, etc., the act or art of tracing graphic signs by hand on paper, parchment, or any other material, with a pen and ink, style, pencil, or any other instrument; also, the written characters or words; handwriting.

But here, this list is coming more from a creative and philosophical nature. The images I choose to represent in Writing is… give you an abstract as well as an informative travel through the many forms in which we take the thoughts from our minds and begin the process of creativity and recording them.

Enjoy the journey.

Writing is…
A collection of what Writing is…

I am sure there are many more additions that are not included on this list. It is only the beginning of the discussion of what Writing is…

Writing is… an art form.

Writing is… a method for transmitting information.

Writing is… a call to action.

Writing is… innovative.

Writing is… a way to help you to express yourself.

Writing is… something that can be simple or complex.

Writing is… a way to transport you to another time.

Writing is… a way to educate.

Writing is… a way to change how we view the world.

Writing is… a way to preserve our memories.

Writing is… a way to bring people together.

Writing is… power.

Writing is… a way for imagination to go beyond pen and paper.

Writing is… a way to explain our past.

Writing is… a way to give us new ideas.

Writing is… a way to enlightenment.

Writing is… a way to explain our present.

Writing is… really one of the most powerful things we can have.

Writing is… a complex business.

Writing is… a way to turn mere words into powerful ideas.

Writing is… necessary to describe the human experience.

Writing is… a conversation.

Writing is… the ability to draw pictures in someone else’s mind, and have these pictures be entirely different from the pictures in your own mind.

Writing is… like breathing and blinking and laughing and crying all in one.

Writing is… a way to educate the reader, but it also educates the writer, both on the subject matter and on the craft of writing itself.

Writing is… a way to compare the power of images and words and writing is the most powerful because it really does “go beyond pen and paper.

Writing is… poetry developing a keener appreciation of the depth of inspiration and the sharpness of the edge of her muse.

Writing is… the act of creation.

Writing is… as infinite as the possibilities that it can create.

Writing is… a way of opening your mind to your inner world.

Writing is… good for the mind because it is electrifying and yet has a calming effect at the same time.

Writing is… a power that can make people feel and think.

Writing is… ever an uncountable multitude.

Writing is… a choice of the way you use words to express yourself.

Writing is… pleasurable and unlimiting as to what the content will be that you want to express.

Writing is… a release of energy in the form of words that create abstractions or coherent mysteries.

Writing is… about words, storytelling and life.

Writing is… a way to enlightenment.

Writing is… a way of freeing your mind to discover philosophically the endlessness of time.

A comment made at the end by “ontheplumtree” when I first posted this post that I thought was quite intelligent and quite clever and with this quote I will bring an end to this repost:

…ontheplumtree 2012, 6:13 am at 6:13 am
Writing is…A way to allow soul into life; a mightier weapon than war; a medium through which we are one; through thought, Word and deed, we are works of the universe.