A Promethean Soul!

A Promethean Soul! I had to reread this post several times. I, too, feel The Eternal Child, using my imagination is most important to me. Creating whatever is moving me is what makes my soul bring me life, positive or negative emotions that come up during or after I think is, also, part of the satisfaction that you are able to find the inside of you and bring her to the surface. This is a great post worth your time to read. Niamh Clune has written a thought provoking post reading it several times by me I gathered up all the wisdom. I emphasize that my imagination is what makes my life worthwhile. What I am able to create is extremely important to me. Finding one’s self is also important. Living a tortured life may be part of what happens to you before and after the creative process but during, it is what takes you to the hieghts jk

Dr Niamh's Children's Books

Some days, every phone call or interaction with whomever, seems fraught with anguish over something. Everything I read is full of stress and struggle, even people walking their dogs seem anxious and impatient. We all know the impact of the world economy on those of us who struggle to make a living, find suitable shelter and cope with the stress of everyday living.  But there is something more…

As a psychotherapist, I encounter the underlying truth about people’s issues, the things that, beneath the surface cause anguish. Often, serious things are displaced onto inconsequential distractions. We dump our emotional load onto the small stuff, act out stress on nearest and dearest, blame the tools of our trade for making us feel rotten. Maybe the Internet won’t work, or that form we have been meaning to fill out is still sitting in the drawer. Perhaps a decision must be made for…

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