haiku: “relentless”

haiku “relentless”
haiku by jennifer kiley
©transgraphics by j. kiley
Challenge Haiku &/or Piku—Haiku-day #1
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6 thoughts on “haiku: “relentless”

      • ALWAYS have loved that quote from Peter Pan. My mother loved the universe of Neverland, took me to a Broadway production of Peter Pan (Sandy Duncan), then exited life stage left and floated to “that place between sleep and awake.” There is where I get to visit her and feel her stroke my spasming shoulders while I weep into full consciousness.

        Thank you for having stopped by my blog today/yesterday.

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        • I feel this line very deeply myself. For reasons of love and loss. So, I do understand. Peter Pan is one of my escapes. One of our kitties is named Tinks or Tinkerbell, her proper name. She is an orange tabby and quite petite and the most magical of creatures. She loves everyone and shows her affection and impishness all the time.

          I watched Mary Martin when I was a child but I never had the chance to see Sandy Duncan or anyone else in Peter Pan live with the exception of the televised version with Alison Williams just recently.

          I understand your mother loving Neverland. It is so wonderful to feel connected to it. First star on the right, straight on til dawn. Close but not sure if it is a complete quote. It is late so my mind may not be working at full speed. Keep thinking of that place between sleep and awake. It is one of the best places to be. xox

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