there’s a fire starting in my heart

there’s a fire starting in my heart
poem by Jennifer Kiley
©transgraphics by j. kiley
Wednesday: ©transgraphics-line from song is title-poem
guess song & singer?
WARNING: Material May Not Be Suitable. PG-16

there’s a fire starting in my heart by j. kiley ©Jennifer Kiley 2013

A statement that I felt I needed to write and that I feel needs to be read: “Healing from child abuse of any kind takes more than a lifetime. If there are still scars remaining, which there are, then there exists evidence. Years, I have been trying to get beyond what my abusers did to me. Oh, yes, I am in a different place than I was when they were around me but everything I do has a cause and effect from those buried and not so buried memories. Intimacy is the greatest thing they destroyed in me. I have tried pulling that part back together but it always haunts me. I feel hurt quite easily when there is nothing that has been done to cause this hurt I feel. It is just something the abusers taught me to expect. So writing this rather intimate description of intimacy is my way of telling my abusers fuck you. I can find a place inside of me that you were not able to completely destroy and I have been and am trying my Damndest to heal that part of me.” ~the secret keeper~

Adele-Rolling In the Deep
I will admit to a secret-moi guessed wrong. I thought the line from the song was Adele singing: “Set Fire To the Rain.” Oops!!!

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