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We Are the Voice-Niamh Clune with daughter Aleisha Shimizu

“I wrote this song and performed it with my daughter at the 2002 World Summit in Johannesburg.” ~ Dr. Niamh Clune ~

12 thoughts on “HOPE—FEED THE WORLD

    • You are very welcome. It was fortuitous, I received the Hope card in my email. It would have been something that we had just let it sit there. I felt it needed to be expressed in a way that might do something more. So decided to crop it, frame it and post it. But I needed a good song that would fit the message. And of course, your songs are always in my head somewhere waiting to be heard out loud. I found “We Are the Voice” and played it but we already knew it would be a perfect fit. So we put the post together and published it. The song is so relevant to what is happening on the Earth today. The word “HOPE” is the word that needs to echo in everyones mind. Even in the United States, we have a Congress with a group of Repubs in the House of Representative who are sitting on what is called a “fiscal cliff:” which if a certain legistlation is not passed, it has been passed by the Senate, then it means certain poverty below what it is already. People cut off from funds to keep them fed and sheltered. Health care diminished for the disabled, taxes going up on those who cannot afford an increase. The Repubs in the House do not give a damn about the poor or jobless or unhealthy or disabled. They would rather stop the government from working because there is a black man in the white house that offends their sensibilities and they also don’t give a damn about anybody but the wealthy 1%. We need HOPE in the world but we also need governments in the world who care about the poor, the hungry, the sick, the disabled. If your powerful you count, if you’re not, you don’t exist. It is like in Dicken’s “Christmas Carol”–“Are there no work houses? Are there no prisons?” The USA uses prisons to house the Mentally Disabled, the Jean ValJean’s from “Les Miz” because they have to do something like selling drugs or prostitution or steal in order to survive, so they end up in prison. The world is a mess and the USA can’t even set a good example for it’s citizens by taking care of them. How do we expect anyone, including the USA to take care of the rest of the people in the world who need help. Thank you Niamh for sharing my post. I don’t know if you expected to get such a reaction. But I am ashamed that the US can’t do their jobs because there are such asshole repubs in the House of Representatives who don’t give a damn. They would rather stop the President out of racism then take care of the people who need help.


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