“Resolution” Haiku #31

“Resolution” Haiku #31
By Jennifer Kiley
art by j. kiley
December Month of the Haiku 31 days 31 haiku #31

lever du soleil par j. kiley © Jennifer Kiley 2012

l’eau suit le flux par j. kiley © Jennifer Kiley 2012

Philip Glass-Symphony for Eight

7 thoughts on ““Resolution” Haiku #31

  1. The way of water and the way of force move with a different purpose. Water flows around every crack and fills up every crevice and so finds its way to the sea, to the ocean, to itself. Force uses a directed purpose, the power of self-determined will to achieve its purpose. These Haikus have provoked many a response from me, Jennifer. I hope to wish you a Happy New Year later! Lots of love.


    • I think it is a choice. Do you move linearly or go with the natural undetermined flow of your life? The destination may end up in the same place but it is the means in which you accomplish your goals in life. I am a water person mostly. But force may be called for under certain circumstance, what those are I am not certain. Water feels more Gandhi. Force feels more like Netanyahu forcing the Palestinians toward violence in order to save the lives of their children and families. Is force self-determination or just taking what you want. Becoming self-actualized takes determination and finding a way through action to gain what you need but is it done in a forceful way. I hope that my Haikus have provoked you into many responses in a positive or a thoughtful process. I thought a great deal when choosing the exact wording. I may have been working within prescribed limits but that added to the exactness. I will be doing more in the future. Now I will be writing poems but will try to keep them more concise and shorter. A good exercise the Haiku in teaching restraint and precision. Happy New Year. We haven’t yet had a chance to be in the actual same time yet this year. Hope to soon. Lots of Love. Jennifer


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