Shine On Award

Shine On Award
Given to “the secret keeper”
By Ganesh Raam
Unsettled Minds

Shine On Award

Shine On Award

Thank you Ganesh for the wonderful surprise award of the “Shine On Award.” And your wonderful words about bloggers on WordPress. We are all a pretty amazing group. I keep getting to know more and more people here. It is a world that expands ones mind and heart and soul. So supportive and friendly and amazingly creative. I will place my “Shine On Award” in a special place on my blog. It is rather like one of my new favorite groups: “Pink Floyd’s” song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” I love that song, actually rather addicted to it. Thanks again Ganesh for coming into my world and life here on WordPress and being so generous to me and so many others. jk jennifer-the secret keeper 🙂

I am going to borrow some words that Ganesh wrote on the post he wrote to present many different awards to many different bloggers. These are my sentiments also and what he wrote was so perfectly written. “Over the last couple of months, there were a lot of kind-hearted bloggers who have conferred upon me numerous awards and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for considering my blog for these awards.” Thank you Ganesh and everyone who has followed my blog “the secret keeper” and for presenting such creative and inspiring material on all of your blogs for me to enjoy and to be moved by, sometimes tears, sometimes laughter, definite smiles. thoughts to make me go deeper inside of my own mind, heart and soul. It is such a wonderful world here in the blogosphere. May everyone have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2013. Hopefully, we will all find our dreams and wishes listened to and become a reality in the GOOD sense of the word. Love Peace Joy and Bliss I wish to all of you. jk the secret keeper Jennifer Kiley j. kiley…

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Pink Floyd-Shine On You Crazy Diamond-Full Version HD

23 thoughts on “Shine On Award

    • found your emails. sent one off right away. haven”t had a chance to check today. using tablet so use a different email address on here. if you ever wanted to write me here the email is (forgot can’t leave in comment-will send privately) jennifer kiley. just an alternative. only a few people have this address. no junk. just my cable provider & family. so that would be 5 or 6. my other email is out of control. i get over 200 emails a day. fortunately i have a filter system. but that’s not always good enough.

      how r u feeling? coughing seems to be in right now. if i told u what i am up to next yr when it comes to doctors and hospitals and surgery u would cringe. i already had two eye operations in october. still waiting for new glasses. don’t need for distance but damned if i can’t see close up. which was no problem before.

      i have a specific surgery i will write to you about privately, teeth surgery and the worst i think is having my right knee replaced. layed up for 8 mos of healing and rehap. getting a special couch so i can sleep in living room. my therapist is going to do the phone twice a week. but i’ll miss John my chiropractor who i see once a week. shawn will have to wait on me. that can make things tense.

      it should all be interesting. plus i have ct scan to check for cancer. another cancer test with my doc whose moved to women’s health where i am following her. we are going to keep in touch outside of the office. we’ve become such good friends. She referred me to a good new doctor who is more like the eccentric professor. when she leaves the room you think to yourself: “Is she coming back?”

      listen to me. in all of this i need to do my writing. my art. my photography that i want to work on developing and making films on video and, of course, working on my blog everyday. i plan on posting everyday, at least one but often more than one post a day. life is crazy but it isn’t slowing down for anyone that i know.

      well, i need some sleep. write when you feel able to. will look forward to hearing from you. love, jen 🙂


  1. I’m flattered as a board, j.k. Thanks! 🙂 You are so kind.
    My wish for you → is to keep on coming through the wispy airwaves
    you press into WORDS and magically place at eye-level.

    I also pray you’ll be receptive to all the good due you in the coming year.
    Peace, luvz, and hugz from Middle-Earth America! 😉 Uncle Tree


    • thank you uncle tree. you are so kind. i need the encouragement. ah middle earth. is it more peaceful there? i will get to your comment re: poem retort later in the day or night. exhausted. need sleep. peace love joy and bliss to you. and hugs to u also. jk 🙂


    • You bring a brightness with you where ever you journey. Welcome I give to you for your thanks and smile. 🙂

      I shall make it through the shadows and fight the airwaves for clarity. There is such a need for understanding and I make an effort to discover what hides and reveal what comes through to my mind.

      I will try to be open as I am able. So many people are so kind. You being one of those on top of my mountain.

      Joy Love Peace and Bliss with Hugs Attached I send to you in Middle Earth. Just for you Uncle Tree, 😉 jk


    • I appreciate you also Darlene. You are a good friend. I wish you the best year ever in 2013. So far it has been incredibly busy and creative. I hope you all good in 2013. I would love to see the world moving toward more understanding and more cooperation. Have a creative year. xxxx jk


    • Thank you. Lets all be an inspiration. I am working on many projects I hope will be forthcoming. Hopefully, we will all have creative years. A wonderful New Year to you too. I am playing catch up. Have been working on plans for the secret keeper that I think will be beyond curious. We will see what occurs. All will be surprised including myself I think. Looking forward to seeing other blogs. Yours is always so amazing. Happy New Year Millie. 😉 jk


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    • thank you. i left a message on your post. i hope you find it and you like what i wrote. i also want to tell you i did a short add on to my purpose page. it motivated me to work on my synopsis of the script that was lost when my hard drive crashed twice. it sounded good but of course i removed it from the purpose page. but the page at least got me started on my way. i have started it but today i did a bit of filling in. thanks for taking me there today. love muchly, jk jennifer


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