Light for the Innocent

Light for the Innocent
Poem by Jennifer Kiley
© trans-graphics by j.kiley

les bougies qui flottent par j. kiley © Jennifer Kiley 2012

light for the innocent by j. kiley


allumer pour l’agneau

les bougies qui dirigent les jeunes voyageurs d'âme

les bougies qui dirigent les jeunes voyageurs d’âme

The Hours-Philip Glass-Black & White Photographs

12 thoughts on “Light for the Innocent

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  2. Well put. We do need to recapture our empathy, compassion, and respect for our fellow humans. Without those emotions and values, this world is bound to fail everyone, not just the children, but everyone.


    • You are so right. Let’s hope humankind will realize what danger we are in and how close to the edge we are all living. There are some of us who are trying to practice peace and compassion and respect. Just that we have to have enough of us to counterbalance the side that doesn’t care of think about anyone else but their own gains. There is always a belief in hope and that it will see us all through somehow. peace. j.k. ps. i am a bit behind on responding. I do hear your voice and will be writing more tomorrow night. take care. xoxox


    • Yes, I feel the pain in my heart that you feel, also. It is horrible to lose someone so young from your life. someone you love and cherish. When I was a kid, the people who lived across the street from us lost their five year old to such a sad and unnecessary death. We were a close neighborhood. It was devastating. That was one child. To this day I remember little Michael as though it were yesterday. Under the circumstance of Newtown, CT, it is such a wide spread of extreme violence with no sense to it. There is no sense in a child dying. But in this manner, it is unspeakable. It was like what happened in Dunblaine, Scotland many years back. They were talking about that at the Open Tennis Tournaments this year b/c Andy Murray, who won one of the championships this year was in the school as a kid when the same kind of massacre happened. It’s taken all this time for that town to be able to say that now they can be thought of as the place that Andy Murray is from-an Open Tennis Champion-not just the place where this horrible thing happened. I grew up in CT and have sad connections to Newtown, CT so when I heard about this it felt so weird to me. I spent a lot of time visiting the town when I was younger. A very quaint place. It is all so very difficult and devastating. j.k.


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