Volcano Queen’s Knight—Redux

A truly inspiring artist of the word and image. His philosophical approach is mind expanding. I highly recommend Waking Spirals as a regular hang out and its’ blog-master an artistic genius. j.k the secret keeper. ps. Quote of the Day is a feature that is always so enlightening and the magic he preforms with his art intriguing and mind-bendingly creative.

Waking Spirals


I stand here guarding her heart
the heat here almost more than I can stand
She contains the universe to me
and I hungrily await her command


She is the fire that brings warmth
Creative urges ignite by her glance
Yet her eyes fall on others never me
Loyally I hold my stance


Still I dream of what could be
Our passions burning in the long night
My soul inspired by her touch
Her heat my being does ignite


My vision will remain just that
A goddess care’s not for one knight’s passion
I stand her guarding  her being
My fantasies left ashen..


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Volcano Queen's NightVolcano Queen’s Knight by G A Rosenberg

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