Give Back Their Life

Give Back Their Life
December 15, 2012
art created by j. kiley
poem by jennifer kiley

se reposer dans la paix par j, kiley © Jennifer Kiley 2012

“poem” jennifer kiley

sleep eludes me
it excludes me
from it’s ranks
letting go
of consciousness
seems like
letting go of life
if i sleep
what if time
returns not
i become lost
in a place
that is dark
i am alone
for the light
but there isn’t
a single ray
i don’t want
to be alone
in the dark
is that
what death
will bring

to pink floyd
of the dark
have been
following me
i do not want
my life to end
i would miss
too much
there is always
too much
it is happening
all the time
too much

little children
bigger people
for the ones
who have no life
left to live
their time is stolen
ripped away
from them
when all
they were
thinking about
was Santa Claus
Christmas trees
with love

is it too much
to ask
to return
their life
back to them

© Jennifer Kiley 2012

Silent Night-Olivia Newton John

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